9: Singing

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Yuna's POV

Today is the day where we all have to sing in front of the class. Jungkook and I finished what parts we'll sing, harmonize, the five pages, and the brief explanation of how it relates to people.

Jungkook brought the guitars that we used when we rehearsed, everyone in class were talking to each other, some with instruments, some with nothing.

As I was watching everyone talking to each other, I felt my heart racing of panic when thinking about singing in front of everyone. My heart almost popped out of my chest when seeing the teacher enter the room.

"Okay class, who would like to go first?" Usually, I'd gladly raise my hand so that I can get over it, but I didn't. I couldn't. Nobody in the class raises their hands except for the person beside me.

"Yuna and I would like to go!" he said brightly while smiling at me. No no no. That's the complete opposite of what I want. Don't smile at me like that.

"Okay.. Jungkook and Yuna.. please come up." Jungkook goes to the front of the room quickly while I slowly get up and walk towards the front of the room. We sat on the chairs that were placed in the front of the room.

"Please sing and give your brief explanation at the end." We nod at the teacher and we look at each other. I'm not sure if I was shaking, but Jungkook seemed to notice. "Don't worry, we'll do amazing. You'll do amazing."

And with that, I felt a small feeling of confidence. "Don't look at anyone but me." he whispers before the teacher tells us to start. Jungkook starts to play the guitar as I join in a bit later.

//the normal text is Jungkook and the slight text is Yuna. When those texts are together, they're harmonizing. Skip to the next part for the English translation if you'd like.

gateun nal, gateun dal                                                                                                       
24/7 maebeon banbokdoeneun mae sungan                                                             
eojungganhan nae sarm                                                                                                  
20daeui baeksuneun naeiri duryeowo cham                                         
utgiji eoril ttaen mwodeun ganeunghalgeora

I look at him, ignoring the ones around us, knowing that I'll mess up if I look, and take a quick, deep breath before I start rapping my part.

harureul beoreo harureul saneun
ge ppadeutadan geol neukkyeosseul ttae
naenae gibuneun keonteurol biteu,
gyesokhaeso daundoene

maeilmaeiri ctrl+c ctrl+v banbokdoene
maeilmaeiri ctrl+c ctrl+v banbokdoene

gal gireun meonde
wae nan jejarini
dapdaphae sorichyeodo
heogongui meari
naeireun oneulbodaneun
mwonga dareugil
nan aewonhal ppunya

ni kkumeul ttaraga like breaker
buseojindaedo oh better
ni kkumeul ttaraga like breaker
muneojindaedo oh
dwiro daranajima never

haega tteugi jeon saebyeogi
gajang eoduunikka

meon hutnare neon jigeumui
neol jeoldaero itji ma

jigeum niga eodi seo itdeun

jamsi swieoganeun geosil ppun

pogihaji ma aljanha
pogihaji ma aljanha

neomu meoreojijin ma tomorrow
meoreojijin ma tomorrow ooo oh~
neomu meoreojijin ma tomorrow

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