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"Even I didn't deserve you. You didn't belong with me."


After a few days, I had pretty much locked myself in my room and kept away from everyone and anyone. My phone would blow up with texts from Jungkook and the other two guys I had recently met, all wondering where I was and if I was okay.

I couldn't get myself to message them.

There was something in me that wondered if all those dangerous things were true, I would be setting themselves up in a trap and maybe something bad would happen to them.

I was too paranoid about the what if's to really communicate with anybody. I had even stayed away from my boyfriend.

I knew he could tell my abrupt emotional change. I went from 'barely able to keep my hands off him' to 'my door being shut, don't come in.'

I had a lot to think about, to figure out, and I didn't want anything to mess with my head, though I did feel bad for pushing everyone away.

Just as I had gotten out of the shower and put on fresh, warm clothes, a light knock rattled against the door. My shoulders drooped, and I took a big sigh.

I couldn't avoid him forever. I was more surprised we went if we did without really anything to push us forward.

Drying the ends of my wet hair, I slowly walked to the bedroom door and opened it to meet his concerned face. My heart broke when I noticed the pain and hurt that shaded his eyes.

"What is going on lately?" he asked me, not even giving me a second to greet him.

Not that that mattered. He was just straight to the point.

I shrugged and continued to dry my hair, but I stayed silent. He looked down at my working hands and he grabbed the towel from them.

He threw it on the floor behind me and pulled me closer to him out into the hallway. The hallway light shined in my face and I squinted. I had grown fully accustomed to the darkness of my bedroom, I didn't realize how long I had kept myself away from the outside world.

"Be honest with me, Mimi. Something is up, and I want to know what is wrong. I think I have a right to know at this point," he said, his voice was surprisingly calm.

Not once since I had met him as he shown any sign of anger. He was the calmest person I had ever met, even when he was ranting and raving about Jordan quite a few months ago.

Remembering the reason why I was keeping myself tuckered away in the first place, I closed my eyes. I couldn't look at him with all the knowledge I knew and pretend like nothing of it I had learned.

His grip tightened around the tops of my shoulders and his eyes trained on me like I was a complex puzzle he couldn't figure out.

I shook my head and I opened my eyes. They were already burning with tears, and I knew they were suddenly bloodshot.

"What is it?" his voice softened.

"Why didn't you tell me who you really were?" I suddenly asked, my eyes tearing through his.

His hands lost their grip on my shoulders and he licked his suddenly dry lips. He didn't respond right away, and the only thing that was heard in the deafening silence was each other's frantic breathing.

"You found out." It wasn't a question.

I nodded, but I got closer to him. My chest about to touch his.

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