With a Touch - Chapter 9

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"Now move."

Or not. Brandi waved her gun towards the french doors behind her. Which unfortunately led to a forest. Damnit, where was David?

The click clack of the door handle sank her heart to her toes and pissed her off at the same time. Olivia was simply complying with this crazy woman her stupid husband didn't have enough sense not to mess with -hadn't he ever watched "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate"?- and obviously meant to continue using her as a shield.

Hateful bitch. How did David manage to date her so long in high school? How did Jeff stay married to her? Though in case of the latter they do seem perfect for each other. If she lived through this night she'll call them Mr. and Mrs. Bitch Douche Assholes.

Sweat poured down her back and she tried to slow her breathing. She'd rather be conscious then passed out on the floor at this woman's feet. But maybe if she pretended to faint and wait until Brandi was close to her she can knock her down, grab the gun and...

All too soon they passed through the doors and entered the void of night. Felicite' looked up at the night sky and hoped it wouldn't be the last star lit night she'll ever see and sent up a silent prayer. Then a blast wrenched through the air.

Felicite' was standing outside of herself. Everything happening in slow motion. Olivia was shrieking, her hands flying around and screeching as if she was a headless chicken as she ran into the woods. Her hands roved over her body for the bullet wound when colorful lights lit up the sky followed by more booming sounds.

Fireworks. They've set off the fireworks. And she hadn't been shot.

Time sped up to real time and Felicite' knew what she had to do. She turned around and saw Keisha heading towards her, her camera swinging around her neck. She didn't think Keisha knew Brandi was armed. Heart pounding in time with the fireworks she sped up to close the distance and grabbed her wrist.

Another sound wrenched through the air, this time a roar and a scream. A black blur from the corner of her eye knocked Brandi down. Felicite fell with her and there was another shot. Followed by an acrid smell of smoke and whimpering. Then feet moving swiftly on the grass.

Brandi laid motionless beneath her and bleeding. From a bite wound on her waist.

"Are you okay," Keisha's voice trembled as she pulled Felicite' up. Her eyes brimmed with tears, glancing towards the forest and back to her then back to forest. Layla, Bea and Jenna joined them, breathless, with George by their sides. Who took one look at the situation, called security and had her stashed away from the guests until the authorities came for her.

Felicite' was still trying to figure out what exactly happened yet was grateful things ended as quickly as they did with no one outside their circle none the wiser.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Felicite' turned her head over her shoulder. David's mom stood in the doorway looking very much like scary woman she saw earlier today. Felicite' pulled out of David's embrace and took several steps back until she reached the safety of her friends.

After tonight, she doubted the woman would be pushing David to have grandbabies with her. And who'd blame her? She couldn't use an excuse of skin color as why they couldn't be together. But a woman with sketchy job as a psychic -whom most people believe they're scammers- who occasionally helped on an odd dangerous case, there was no PR in the world to make her look good girlfriend material.

At least she had the dream for a night and a day. Now it was time to come back to reality. She'll hold onto the memories of the short time they spent together always.

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