Ch 2. Resonance

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This is a fanfic, I do not own any content from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. The title is also the title of one of the episodes of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

Character Profiles(to clarify);

Kozakura Arima: Lost all her relatives at the earthquake, stopped playing the violin due to certain circumstances explained below. Senior at Highschool. Introvert not by choice.  

Kaorin Miyazono(introduced below): A mysterious boy with his suspicious interest in Kozakura, a pianist who seems to be hiding something...

Music sheets...?

A pianist?


Glancing up from where I fell, stood a tall blond boy, on his knees, rubbing his head. Looking at him, I began to wonder about something.

Blue eyes and blond hair that makes him look like a foreigner. Could it be him?


I thought as I shook my head,

"No way, this can't be him Kozakura, stop imagining things."




"Who can't be him?"

Snapping out of my train of thoughts, I realized I spoke out loud, much to my embarrassment. The blonde boy just stood there, eyes large as if he was trying to examine me or just surprised about something.

"Ah, I'm sorry! Please, let me pick them up for you!"

Lowering my head, I went over to pick up the pieces of music, panicking. Shuffling the sheets of slightly wrinkled music, I paused for a moment and noticed a name plastered on the folder.

Kaorin Miyazono

That name sounds familiar...Have I seen that name or person anywhere? That can't be, I barely interact with anyone at this school anymore.

"Hello...? Hey uh, Koza-you there, may I please have my music back?"

Quickly, I disregarded my thoughts and handed him his folder back. Standing up and brushing myself off, I hooked on my messenger bag and started to escape-

"Hold on! You there!"

Sh*t, I'm screwed...


I stammered as I slowly turned around to see an annoyed look on the boy's face.

"You bumped, no, crashed into me at a running speed, scattered my music, hurt me, AND apologized quickly only to run away? Sorry, but isn't that impolite?"

This guy sounds like a jerk. Great job for first impressions, man. You know what, let's forget about being apologetic and do something about that attitude!

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