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"Did I say anything wrong?" I asked curiously.

My sister looked away and suddenly changed the subject by saying, "Let's go eat dinner." She stood up and left the room, which was just so weird. She was acting weird, was it because of CeeJay? I mean she never acted like this before... I wonder what's going on.

I followed her down the stairs and was looking at my mom while she was preparing dinner. I studied my mom for a little and I could tell that she didn't feel comfortable, but I was just imagining how everything would be like without her...  People like me and my sister wouldn't last that long in this world if that happens.

"Let me help you, Mom." I finally said.

"Hey guys, dad said that he won't be coming home tonight again..." My sister said.

Well, that's not a shock to me at all... I'm so used to him not coming home almost every night. I wish mom could just get over it and get herself together because it's not just hard for her... It's hard for all of us, but to me, the part where he doesn't come home is a usual thing. Which is why I don't know why Mom can't get used to it... I mean not that I'm blaming her for being so easily affected, but this has been happening for so long now.

"Mom, it's fine. Let's just eat." I demanded.

We all sat down and had our usual meal, but you could tell that Mom wasn't in the mood because usually she's the one with all these stories to tell, but tonight it's like someone taped her lips together. They were totally shut...

"So, I was thinking if we could visit CeeJay's mom tomorrow?" My sister asked breaking the silence.

I was going to ask what was wrong with CeeJay's mom, but then I thought to myself ofcourse, she's sick. Common sense.

All my mom did was nod and went back to eating.

"Umm, sure, why not?" I answered.

 My sister talked more about her plan on visiting Mrs. Garret while I was having a peaceful dinner... By the way, my sister's name is Brenda, she's only a year older than me which makes her 17 since I'm only 16 years old.

Suddenly, I was realizing that Brenda has been talking about CeeJay all night. It was just so obvious that some thing is going on between them... Let me tell you their story...

Ever since pre-school Brenda and CeeJay has been classmates, they've known eachother for so long now and their really good friends; but the thing is, I never imagined them being a couple not that I'm saying that they are, but that's what it looks like right now... Anyways, I wouldn't be surprised because if I was my sister, I probably couldn't help myself from falling in love with a hottie like CeeJay. He's cute, smart, nice, and tall... I mean what more can you ask for? CeeJay's a total package!

Alright, back to reality... After eating, I helped my mom with the dishes while my sister already locked herself in her room. She's always like that.

"Hey Mom, you okay?" I asked.

She nodded, but didn't say anything to follow...


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