A cry in the wilderness

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A cry in the wilderness,
With blow down upon everywhere,
Doing something devilish,
Yet don't know about anything,

Avarice of power,
Greed to gain more,
With a jaundiced eye,
Battles in the war zone,
With their heads in hands.

Attacking from back behind,
Not even a missed, but as the crow flies,
Enlarging the fire he started,
Making it hard to cease, 

Tried to get the gold,
But got nothing in their hold,
Spreading the flood as rust does,
Asserting jack of all trades,
No matter, which that is.

Is this your main purpose,
To carry lives off carelessly,
Trying to seize the prey,
With only a glance.

Unaware of the atrocities,
He will have to atone for,
Time's pillar will be no longer,
Your boat won't be floating anymore,

Everything will be altered in just a blink,
Affix the thing in your mind,
That time can betray you anytime,
From zenith to nadir.

There is a need to articulate,
The conflict ye have started,
It's time to get them vanished,
Remind the adage in your mind,
That unity won't lose its power.

And adduce this title wrong,
A cry in the wilderness. 

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