Tempo Giusto

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Author: lisez-le-lui

Genre: Poetry 

The cover fits the book very nicely, and it clearly portrays a book of poetry. The title is also unique and fitting, and if my translator worked properly, the term "tempo giusto" means "right time" in Italian. This works with your poems flawlessly, as you mentioned that your goal is to attain metrical perfection. 

I think the words used in your poems are very unique and they blend nicely together. I especially feel that the titles fit beautifully with the poems and the messages that you are describing. 

For example, while reading "Accept Me for Who I Am," your words are carefully selected, and they are very easy to understand and link together. It is very lyrical yet still quite literal. The poem seems to begin with somebody explaining that he feels judged and how he does not aim to please others. It describes how he ignores the thoughts of others, and how he should be respected rather than evaluated and compared to others. As the poem continues, however, it becomes much more dark, and it describes how the person takes on a mentality that he can do what he pleases. The end of the poem describes the crimes that he committed due to this mentality, and his court trial. The last two lines describe how the person becomes angry due to his ideas and beliefs being limited by the law, and it states "You have stoked my hot resentments, and I think I might kill!" Overall, I felt that the poem explained that by not being accepted or by being treated poorly, people can be driven to do crazy things once they completely disregard the thoughts of others. 

I love how the poems tell a story and are each very unique. None of them repeat the same idea, and I find them all to be the perfect length. You mentioned that you feel some are a bit long and rambling, but I find that the poems each have a story to tell, and the length and descriptions are necessary in all of them. 

I really love the idea of writing with the same number of syllables in every line. I have never read a poetry book that strives to achieve metrical perfection, and I find this to be a great goal! I noticed some lines contained a different number of syllables than others, specifically in "The Rime of the Gems," but each verse maintained the same pattern, so I assumed that this is what you were aiming for :)

Overall, I think your poems are beautifully written and brilliantly worded. They express a variety of different messages and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them!

*Analysis is based on the first 5 poems

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