Prologue (e)

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"Professor you should really increase our pay to be friends with that potter B***h, she is dragging us into dangerous situations. If not for the books and money you’re giving us from Potter family vault then I and Ron never wanted to be her friends.” Hermione said.

“Now, now Miss. Granger, I know how much you and Mr.Weasely hate her. But for killing Voldemort when he returns we need to be in her good books and to pass new laws which benefit us we need her family seats on Wizengamot.  She is the heiress to two ancient and noble houses and holds 6 seats there.” He paused for a minute,  "Very well Ron, ask your mother to invite her to the burrow in summer and next year Ginny will help you both on this mission.” Dumbledore concluded.

“Professor I wanted to ask you whether we can tell our other family members,” Ron asked.

“No Ron. Don’t let others know as it is important that it is between us. Now take leave. I’ve sent a letter to Potter to come and see me before she leaves.”  Dumbledore completed.

In time I went back to our dormitory so that nothing could be found suspicious. I packed everything that was mine. I’m going from a place where I felt at home for the first time to a hell that was never my home. The train ride to the Dursleys was silent because I didn’t want to talk to them. I could feel the anger bubbling beneath my skin, ready to blow anytime. We reached the station and walked to Mrs Weasley who was waiting for her kids. I didn’t give her a glance but she suddenly pulled me into a hug as if she really likes me, she only did that for money.

“Selene dear you’re welcome to the burrow anytime you want to visit us, just write a letter to Ron and we will come to pick you up.” She said.

“Thank you Mrs Weasley, but that is not needed,” I said and walked away without even glancing back as they don’t deserve it.

When I crossed the barrier, I found Uncle Vernon waiting for me. He was glancing back continuously as if someone will come and hex him which was quite funny. A plan started forming in my mind which will secure my future as well as my family fortune (which is not important to me). I came out of my thoughts when uncle Vernon shoved me forward forcefully.

“Come on girl I don’t have time to stand here all day.” He shouted.

“Yes Uncle Vernon,” I said and dragged my trunk towards the car which was in front of the entrance.

We reached privet drive and I took my trunk into the house, Uncle Vernon following closely while glaring holes at the back of my head which I can feel easily. When I entered I saw Aunt Petunia and Dudley sitting in the hall. I took a deep breath so that I can put words forth without fear.

“Uncle I know you people don’t want me in your house. So let’s make a Deal.” I said and they were looking at me with suspicious, curiosity and uncertainty.

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