Miles Apart

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She sat alone looking at her phone.

A smile graced her lips, a million words.

all at her finger tips.

what would she say today?

so many photos she'd send his way.

and she did it all for a smile.

a smile she could only hope was there.

he always replied to every word

with wows

or lols

or your a goof.

but for some reason it felt like a loop.

it was always the same when he was away. t'was always silence that ended the day.

with the stars in the sky and the planets unlined. his velvet voice would reach her mind. she dared not call and rip him from slumber. she wouldn't want him to not love her.

she wanted him there with her. to feel his arms around her. to not toss and turn and instead be held by her lover.

she would always hope deep in her heart.

that never again would they have to be miles apart.

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