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This is a really cute chapter written by my friend :3


Tae told me everything this morning; his whole story to the part where his mom was painting to when he met Damien.

I really respect him as a person, he only has 3 months left to declare his deal with his father. We'll help him through this I'm sure! For now let's complete this challenge!


//your time starts...NOW//

The announcer's loud voice made me jump and Taehyung just chuckled at me.

It's not my fault I get scared of small things ok.

I went to the fridge and looked at what we were given to bake a cake with.
All the necessary ingredients were there so I picked them up and took them to the table.

While I was walking the sugar fell out of my hand and was about to hit the floor but Tae was quick to react and caught it before it shattered.

This boy keeps showing me new things everyday; I'm leaning more and more about him.

"Woah, um thank for that."
I laughed thanking him.

"You blown away from my quick reflexes, huh ?" He smiled flexing his left arm.

"Uhm...no....Whatever let's just bake our cake, ou that rhymed !"

I spoke to myself; I love when things rhyme~ I should stop thinking of rhymes before we run out of time.

Haha see what I did there.

He chuckled in his deep voice and gave me a warm smile.
"Ok cutie," He said under his breath.

I barely heard it but I turned into a tomato afterwards; why's his voice s-so heart-fluttery?!

I handed Tae the icing sugar and the other ingredients that he needs to make the icing.

I don't quite trust him but icing is quite easy to make ; he can't get it wrong

I got my ingredients and started to make the sponge cake, until an annoying boy tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey serena." he smiled


Before I could finish my sentence I felt sticky icing being rubbed onto my nose.

How dare he!?

I glared at him while he smiled mischievously like a little kid who's bedtime is at 8:00 but they went to bed at 8:02.

"Why are you staring? Did you notice my new skincare routine~" he cooed.

"Why you little-"
I grabbed the icing ball from him and got a handful of icing and smudged all over his adora- face.

"HEY. NOT. FUNNY." He shouted, which made me jump a little.

Such a hypocrite! He did it to me! That gives me the right to do it back~ but being the polite girl I am.
I must apologise, not that I'm scared of him or anything.

"Oh I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"
I then felt icing being put all over my face and neck then across my chest and down my apron.



This means war my friend.

I quickly reached into the bowl and scooped the pink icing and put it all over his hair and moved it slowly down to his face and apron.

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