Chapter 17

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Lucks POV

He looks around me to Luke " text me so I know your not dead and reamer what I told you."

45 minutes before

me and Jackson where sitting on a bench waiting for school. " you know you haven't told me if you get bullied" he says leaning back, closing his eyes" u-umm n-no I don't" I say in a shake voice " we have Know each other for one week and I know when you stutter." He said opening one of his eyes and looks at me, " fine I do get bullied but it's not a big deal really" I say looking at him. He smiles and closes his eyes " finally you tell me I been waiting all week" why does he care he's just some dude I just meant " I know that kid Oliver is the mean guy who's bullying you" oh no he can't tell anyone! Oliver might get in trouble! " no he's not!" I didn't realize how loud I was " I know there's something else and I know you won't tell me, so I'm going to tell you why I'm here and then you can decide if you want to tell me your story."
His story? Well this might be interesting

He opened his eyes and started talking " so as you know I'm 17 and just moved to this small town, but the reason of me moving here I never told you. I moved here because of my father because he's one of the biggest gang leaders out there and I was turning in to him. I was drinking doing drugs and my mother had a enough we I drink I acted like my father and let's say I'm not nice, one day I got home to fine my mom at the kitchen table she told me to site I see she had pictures she said " I'm going to show you what you will do one day if you keep acting like you're father" she starts showing me pictures of dead people and many horrible
Things. The last picture got to me most it was of my mother, she said " he has done terrible things to anyone" then she said to me that her child will not be like that. And to be honest I didn't want to be like him not anymore, so she moved me here and started me on a new life. That's my story so will you tell me yours?"

Oh my god that's crazy, he sits up and looks at me I'm going to tell him, I look at my hands and tell him everything . So I did I told him about everything about Oliver and his abuse and just how shitty things are getting. " you gotta be fucking kidding me" he says " this little shit is going to get what's coming to him" he says standing up, I stand up with him " please Jackson don't do anything please" I say as I grab his arm he turns to me and looks me in eye we sit there for a minute then he sighs " fine I won't do anything but if you think your life is in trouble text me and I'm going to do what I have to do" I nod my head he puts his arm around my shoulders " well best friend should we got to school?" I just laugh and walked down the street.

The present time

I sit in Oliver's bed waiting for him, I took a nap and a shower waiting for him. I know football finished about 20 minutes ago and I know he's on he's way home, right when I got here I texted Jackson and told him I'm ok he wanted to come pick me up but I knew better then that. I hear someone come in the front door I get up and walk out of his room to meet Oliver in the kitchen, I walk down the stairs when I hear two people talking. Wait! Two people? I get to the kitchen right when two man walk in, I jump seeing then and they just look at me " oh you must be my brothers fuck toy."

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