back to school and stormy weather

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Ok so it's been a while and I don't remember what really happened in the last chapters so I'm a guess it but if you know please tell me any way enjoy
Naruto was still recovering a little by little but even so Sasuke had managed to finally get Naruto to go to school on Monday though only for a cost if anything happens Naruto gets to leave school early and Sasuke had agreed.

The alarm clock sounded as Sasuke hits the snooze button yawning as he got up and stretched he then woke up the blond who mumbled in his sleep hugging Sasuke closer and nuzzled his side "Naruto I won't be able to make breakfast if you don't let go" he says the blond groaned but let's go of the raven.

Sasuke smiles softly and kissed Naruto's forhead before leaving to make breakfast.


The four left the house to get to school Sasuke was holding Naruto's hand so the blond can relax a bit as for sasukie and Menma they kept a look out for anyone wanting to make their blond cry.

Making it to school naruto whimpered and hid his face in sasukes chest when they got to the front gate the Raven rubs the foxes back while whispering sweet nothings into his mates ear telling him 'it was gonna be ok' or 'your safe I'm here for you kitten' the wolf managed to calm down his mate and they walked into the school going to each other's lockers.

Menma was waiting at the front door of their class room his fox tail twitching softly as he waits but a certain pinkette caught his sight as she skipped past him with a happy smile "Sasuke....." She couldn't finish talking as menma stopped her "please don't he's busy at the moment for the whole day heck maybe even a week" menma says "why" Sakura says crossing her arms "because we're starting from scratch today and if we mess this up this can create complete cause" the Raven replied as he was soon hugged behind "the eagle made it to class let's go" Sasukie says in the foxes ear, making him blush a bit and looked at his mate "alright" menma says as he walks to the class room with sasukie "how's my brother" the kitsu asks "he's doing fine so far but he seems more comfortable close to Sasuke side them anything" sasukie says.

The two sat down in their desk and watched as Naruto was sitting on Sasuke lap with his face in the crook of the wolf's neck hugging each other.

Menma makes a small smile at the two and looked over at sasukie who seemed deep in thought "whatcha thinking about" the fox asks "just how Naruto got stuck in that nightmare anyway" sasukie replied putting his head on the desk.

Sasuke started to run his fingers threw Naruto's hair cause to kitsune to purr softly as they hugged happily with comfert.

The bell rings and Naruto get up reluntically and got in his seat though held sasukes hand.

Everyone got in their seats and started talking loudly about how great their weekend was and how much fun they had and we're they went for the day.

Naruto looks up for a seconded and whinces when he sees Sai and Ino as he started shaking with fear Sasuke softly squeezed Naruto's hand to try and calm down the blond but it didn't seem to work as the fox started whimpering and shaking.

The whole room went quiet and looked at naruto so Sasuke picked up the kitsune and left the class room and calm him dowm.

Once outside he hold Naruto close to him rubbing his back softly and nuzzled his softly blond hair earning a subconsious purr from the fox.

Menma got up from his seat and glared at Ino and Sai "what did you do to my brother" menma asked as he growled "nothing at all your being crazy if you think we did anything" Sai says with a softly smile on his face "Naruto would of acted that way if you didn't do anything" the raven fox says almost yelling sasukie had to calm down menma before the fox could attack them out of pure rage.

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