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I wish that the people of this world had their own opinions and decision, and that they didn't listen to others. I wish they did whatever they felt right and treated others as they should, not as how they are taught to.

The second day of school was very hard for me. Yes, I had been rejected, ignored, bullied earlier, ever since I was in that little space called the womb, but Eomma never let me feel it, she always masked it up. But, she could do nothing that day.

I entered those gates cheerfully, to meet the friends I had made the last day. I was already late and as soon as Eomma bid me goodbye, a teacher led me to a classroom, where the others were shouting the alphabets in unison.

The teacher indicated me to sit somewhere, and I chose a seat beside them, the people I thought to be my friends.

"Hyuna-ah, you know what you have to do, right?" Sohyun gave Hyuna an evil smile, which made me a bit confused, but being a silly girl, I didn't notice much.

No one talked to me for a while. Even if I tried to start a conversation, they kept cutting my words off or ignoring me.

I got bored after 2 to 3 hours, but didn't move away from them. They were the first people who have been nice to me and apparently, who have owned me till now.

"Y/N! RETURN MY CRAYONS!" Hyuna suddenly shouted, making me flinch. "Huh?" Was all that escaped from my mouth. "Where is my crayon?" She asked me, but I was seriously had no idea.

"I don't know Hyuna. Really. Have you checked-" "JUST SHUT UP! I KNOW THAT YOU STOLE IT!"

I was confused by this sudden accusation and froze. The teacher came running towards the hyped Hyuna who would have slapped me otherwise.

"What happened sweethearts? What are you both fighting about?" "Teacher, she stole my crayons." Hyuna whined, pointing at me. The teacher came near me. "Y/N, is she saying the truth?" The teacher, Mr. SeokJin asked me politely.

"Aniyo, I did nothing." I was on the verge of crying. I didn't know what to do, alone in a room, where everyone was against me.

"I saw her stealing the crayons." Sohyun said that totally broke me. No one was helping me out.

I started hearing murmurs moreover. "I've heard that she is a ghost. Why, she lives in a cemetery ground." "Her mother is very poor." I heard them from the children around me.

"Y/N, if you really stole the crayons, then accept it and return them. There is no use of hiding anything." Mr. Kim said again. I didn't have anything to say in my defence except letting him check my bag.

And, to my great surprise, a jumbo sized crayon packet was taken out of my bag. I remember being taken to the principal's office while Sohyun was smirking, and she gave me pitiful looks.

Some people are like pennies. Two faced, and worthless. All I could say to her now is that she shouldn't have been sorry, because I trusted her. It wasn't her fault, but mine.

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