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Here's a new chapter I'm feeling a bit better thank you PearlDonophan and EyelessHeartSnow
Sasuke woke up earlier then usual as he yawns and gets up only to notice that Naruto wasn't in bed he was confused at first until the blond fox walked into the room with a tray his 9tails swaying behind him "morning Sasuke" he says smiling "morning?" The Raven replied confused "how long have you been up" sauske asks "since 6'10" the blond says putting the tray of breakfast down as Sasuke looked at his alarm clock it said 6'50 the Raven usually wakes up at 7'00 on weekends.

(If your confused this is how I tell time but sometimes I might says 207 which is the time I see now anyway moving on)

"Um....kyuubi helped me make breakfast for you and the others" Naruto says while looking down embarrassed "you didn't wake him up did you" Sasuke asks as the blond shook his head "he was already awake with the Cubs so I just thought....I would.....ask him.....to help me" Naruto says as he voice got lowered the more he spoke he looked down at the ground as his cheeks became red, as he was soon hugged scaring him a bit but soon calmed down when he realized it was Sasuke who was hugging him and he hugged back.

"It's ok naru....thank you for the food" Sasuke says as he kissed the blonds forhead earning a surprised Yelp from the fox who soon smiles with excitement.

Sasuke went to sit down at his desk and pats his lap "let's eat togethet kitten" the Raven wolf says as the fox blushes madly but soon nods.

Naruto sits on Sasuke's lap as the blond smiles wagging his nine tails excitedly.

The two ate together happily enjoying their time together as they ate their breakfast happily and once they finished they sat on the bed "thank you" Naruto says while looking down "for what naru" Sasuke asked looking over at the blond "saving me......from my nightmare" Naruto says smiling softly as his tail wags happily "no problem kitten..... I'd do anything for you Naru" Sasuke says wrapping his arms around Naruto's shoulder earning a purr from the kitsune "I love you" sasuke says nuzzling Naruto's head.

Their moment was soon ruined by menma "uhhh you guys wanna go to the park" the raven fox asks "ok" Naruto says smiling Sasuke nods "sure" the wolf replied holding his mate close to him.

Menma nods and leaves the room to were his mate was "they said yes sasukie" the fox says sitting down at the desk "great" sasukie says smiling as he sits up wagging his tail excited.

The two conversed about their trip to the park and how they'll help Naruto be happy and cheerful agian instead of distant and quiet.


The 4 where walking to the park their tails softly swaying well except for Naruto's as his tail was tucked between his legs as he hanged onto Sasuke tightly not wanting to let go of the wolf "everything is gonna be ok naru" Sasuke says looking at the blond who shyly nodded trusting his mate.

Menma and sasukie looked at each other worried though made sure to keep look out for Sai, Sakura, and Ino since thoughs three are the ones who would hurt Naruto at times and they weren't taking any chances on letting them neir.

"After the park you wanna go get some ramen" Sasuke asks Naruto as he held the blonds hands and intwined their fingers together "yes" the kitsune replied the raven nods and smiles softly.

The walk around the park went great and everything was fine Naruto was still afriad of other people though but they weren't gonna rush him into socializing with others.

Naruto's POV

I'm glad that Sasuke and the other care about me so much it makes me even happier knowing that Sasuke saved me from my long going nightmare him being by my side makes me the happiest fox ever.

Maybe I should do something to pay him back for all the kindness and if I ask him he's probbably gonna be like '-naruto I did what I did because I love you you don't need to repay me just relax-' but how can I.

I looked up at Sasuke secretly to see that he was smiling I love when he smiles cause then it makes me happy when he's happy.

.........it's official I'm gonna do something so amazing it'll be put in the big book of life goals that is now my mission I started giggling to myself a little but stopped though I could tell the others heard.

Sasuke chuckled and ruffled my hair while sasukie was snickering saying how cute it was that jerk.

We made it to the ramen shop and got some ramen I tried to strick up a conversation with Teuchi but that was failing even with Ayame as well.

Sasuke had to explain the situation and they understood the concept.

We ate our ramen and talked well the others did I just listened but would make small comments when I wanted to talk with sasuke.

I was really glad that the atmosphere was warm and positive through out the day.

We left to go home and Sasuke had rapped his arm around me hold me close to him I started purring and leaned more into him feeling protect and warm.

Menma and sasukie had left us to walk home saying they needed to go somewhere I wonder where they were going.

I looked up at my mate who had was smiling softly as we walked together.

We made it home and Sasuke picks me up in his arms bride style as I blushed he closed the door with his foot and locked it then starts to head to our room we're he puts me on the bed and climbs in with me and hugs me close to him I purred happily and nuzzled into his chest and went to sleep.

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