Tribute Parade (Part 3)

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I wake up to the feeling of someone tapping me, and what do you know, its Invidia again. I was expecting for her to shout for me to wake up or something, but she doesn't. When I get on my feet, she gives me a grey big hug. 

"Uhhh... thanks!", I say

"Dont mention it, Magnus", she says, and I have to break away from her grasp to go somewhere else. I take a shower, and wow, isn't it very...advanced, I guess. I just press a random button and it sprays soap and water from all of the directions on my body. It really scared me at first, since it happened so fast. I don't really have to clean myself, when a robot is doing it. I get out of the shower when my district partner has to take one. 

When I clean up, I put on a nice outfit. I don't want to wear anything too special, since the tribute parade will happen tonight right in front of 100k people, and it will be broadcasted on TV for all of the citizens of Panem. After an hour, we are both dressed and ready to go. Once we go offstage to see our stylists, I get introduced to them, and they are the most bizarre people I've ever seen. First, there's Anomalous, a man with a heavy build, with curly purple hair, Saphira, a woman with a golden dress and white hair, but she isn't old, thats just how she made her hair look. Then, lastly, theres Manuella, a tall and lanky man with green hair sticking up so it looks like seaweed. They are all very nice though, so thats okay. First, they say they have to wax our bodies, which is absolutely agonizing, but I don't want to show my pain, since it'll make me look weak in the Games. 

However, Victoria is shouting and everything when she gets waxed. After this, they have a variety of costumes for us to wear. They give us this greek-inspired costume, that makes us look like we're gladiators or something. Not the worst I've seen. I go out to see everyone else. The tributes from 1 have these exotic dresses and suites that have ruby in them. District 9 looks like a bunch of native Americans. I can see the tributes from the higher districts looking scared when the look at us. They look pathetic and weak. They prepare us to get on our chariots, and since this parade goes from numeral order, we will be seen 2d, since I'm from District 2.

Ive seen this place on tv before, but when you see it in real life, its a completely different story. This place is so tall that I almost fall down while trying to look up, since it goes on for such a long distance. The crowd is loving us, and throw their hats and flowers at us. Its a great time, knowing that everyone loves the careers, and its even better when you look awesome. I know I have a big ego. Finally, we stop at president Corlana Snow's mansion. 

"Welcome tributes," she says joyfully. The crowd roars in applause and cheering. "We admire your sacrifice, courage, and determination." The crowd cheers again. "And may the odds be ever in your favor. And as always, happy Hunger Games!", Corlana says. She gives a short speech on the Games and the Dark Days, yotta yotta yotta, stuff I already know from History class. After this, we are stationed offstage to get off out chariots. We get pulled by the chariots into another hallway and we are greeted by our stylists, mentors, and Invidia. They love our performance, and said that we had to be the audience's favorite.

We are pulled into an apartment where I can finally make friends, with only careers. The other tribute look so stupid, since they're so small, skinny, pathetic, etc. District 12 always disgusts me with their appearance since they STILL look like actually skeletons. Everyone else except for the careers keeps their distance from us. I first make allies with the two from 1. Its a 17 year old boy with blond hair named Flint, and her sister that volunteered, Emily. Those two look great together, honestly. Then, theres the two from 4, who are also careers. The girl, a 15 year old tribute who is supposedly good at throwing knives and spears, but we'll see that in the Games. Her name is Raina, and the boy, the tallest tribute, is named Miles. They're some pretty cool tributes, and I feel super lucky for having these guys with us. They look very promising.

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