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It always impressed him; the wonders that nature held. His wet nurse and his maesters always told him tales about the wild plantations and flowers that grew in the Reach, they chronicled about the various orchards of juicy plums and ripe grapes that thrived there and the little buds that sprouted into glorious dahlias on the luxuriant soil of the Reach - and Cedrick remembered how his eyes would widen with childlike wonder when they spoke highly of the home of chivalry. It sounded like a paradise to him and as a mere babe of five, he wanted nothing but to visit this empyrean land filled with miracles and unfathomable marvels.

So, one fine day while dining with Stannis and his wife, Selyse, he had politely requested him if he could visit Highgarden and in addition to that, he had affirmed him that he would be on his best behaviour and would not hide behind his brother's leg when the royalty conversed with him. Cedrick had assumed it too good a day for himself since his little promise was enough to make Stannis agree to his whims and desires regarding the vacation.

After the dinner that ended with a sweet triumph, his cheeks ached because he couldn't refrain himself from grinning like an absolute fool. Sister Selyse had been the nicest and she had murmured something in Stannis' ear that made him take the decision of sending Cedrick to Highgarden as a ward to the Tyrells.

Next morning, every nook and cranny of the Citadel knew about their beloved little prince's departure.

But instead of being fascinated by the landscapes and the greenery that was the speciality of Highgarden and the Reach, he became enchanted by the beauty that the little Princess Margaery possessed.

Oh, the wonders of nature did impress him.

During his first two months of his stay, he used to have his meals delivered in his room since he was too shy to confront the Tyrell children - especially the young maiden - and at that time, even the Queen of Thorns scared him. As a child, Cedrick loved roses but never the thorns that used prickle his tiny palms, but just like he grew to love the flowers with the deadly thorns, he started to love the Tyrells as well.

Especially Margaery.

Cedrick wanted the world to fade away so that he could be with her until the ends of time, he wanted all the sensations to be overridden by the kind only she could provide him with, he only wanted the euphoria of her love to spread across his body, every centimetre of his flesh must be reigned by her; the crooks of his elbows, spaces between his toes, everywhere.

He simply wanted to kiss her and tell her to listen listen listen to his heart beating whenever she was around and how the flowers in his room bloomed and danced with delight whenever she entered. He wished to talk about those lions that roared in the pit of his stomach when she exchanged crooked smiles with him or-or those doves that fluttered in his heart - demanding their owners - when she held his hand in her own, dainty, perfect ones.


She stood there, right in front of his eyes, poised in her pretty teal dress and her tawny waves cascading down her back. He wanted to go forward and kiss her inviting lips but he couldn't he couldn't he couldn't she was his elder brother's former wife and now his nephew's fiancée.

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