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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

1:00 am.

My parents were sound asleep. Chicken was sound asleep. The moon was glowing brightly in the night sky. And I, Skylar Anderson, was dressed up in butt-kicking jeans, black T-shirt and knee high boots.

I looked at myself in the mirror and realized how it might be just too much. With a sigh, I went back and changed into another pair of jeans, full sleeved sweater and my sneakers.

And like that, I jumped down from my window which wasn't much high and took my bicycle. Unlike Alex's parents, my parents thought I was very much young to get a car. So, I got stuck with a bicycle.

But anyways, I had something.

I took off towards the street which was so called Chriswood. I didn't know the way, but Google did and so I followed the Google maps.

After so many turns into dark isolated streets, I reached a place which looked more isolated than the streets before. All the surroundings were dark with just a moon shining above. It made it look creepier.

I parked my bicycle in the corner and took my helmet off. Then I started my way forward. I slowly walked looking at the scraped fence beside me. Moving alongside it, I found myself behind a big playground.

I stopped and finally registered something. This playground looked straight out from a horror movie.

"Hello? Is somebody alive?" I asked awkwardly.

Just as I finished my sentence, I heard a crunch of a twig behind me. I turned abruptly to find no one. I had no idea what that was or where I was supposed to go.

"Whoever you are...please don't tell me you're a ghost." I said as my voice lowered into a pathetic one.

Who wouldn't be scared of ghosts?

I looked around for somebody. Whoever sent me the letter, that person must be here. I didn't just sacrifice my good night's sleep for nothing.

I'm in a freaking haunted playground!

I felt my heart hammering inside my chest. Maybe I shouldn't have come here. Maybe I made a mistake. Maybe I'll end up dead. How will my parents feel when they'll find out that their only daughter's body was found in a playground near Chriswood street?

I should've left a note.

I shuddered at that thought and decided to go back to my bicycle.

Just when I took a step, I heard a bullet firing. My eyes almost popped out of my sockets as I froze right at my spot and looked around. Believe it or not, that was a gunshot. I could still make out the sound of it ringing in my ears.

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