Catching a bird in space

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“So then, he looked at me like I had grown another head before he continued class but was totally out of his game after that.” Clarke said between laughs as she told him about her answer to Pike’s question yesterday. “Who would have thought that you had a badass bone in your body, blondie?” Murphy said and she sighed. “That one stuck, didn’t it?” she asked referring to the nickname and he smirked. “You can bet it did.” He said and she smiled. “Well, there are worst nicknames to be called.” She said as she looked at the clock.

“Wow, look how late it is. I have to go. I promised my Dad I would try to let him make me fall in love with engineering today. Can’t disappoint him.” She said as she stood up and so did he. He approached her as she stopped by the door. “I’m supposed to go back to school in 3 days, am I supposed to pretend you don’t exist or something?” he said trying to gauge her reaction and waiting for a certain answer that never came. She shook her head and chuckled. “Of course not, stupid.” She said, thinking of how different the Murphy she knew was from this version of him.

“You are my friend now and I like it beside it might just be the opposite. How do you think people will react to you hanging around two ‘rich’ kids? They might look down on you for that.” She said truthfully and he shook his head. “If Jaha junior is as cool as you say he is and you are okay with me, I really don’t care. They never liked me anyway.” He said shrugging and she nodded. “He is cool, I am okay with you and it’s their loss. Anyway, tomorrow I will come back here after school to check on you and I will bring Wells with me. I think you guys can become really good friends too.” She said and he nodded.

“Cool. See you tomorrow then, blondie.” He said to her and she nodded before hugging him quickly as to not push it with him. “See you tomorrow and I will find a nickname for you.” She said pulling back and he smirked at her. “Good luck at that. You look like you will need it a lot.” He nodded before she opened the door and left. She could see people staring at her again but this time she could read what they were thinking about her visit to Murphy and how it was less innocent than it was. But she really didn’t care if they thought she was with him or not.

It took her quite some time to go from his house to her father’s work. He had given her a card to allow her through whenever she decided to come so she used it and the door opened for her before she started hearing the machines here and there and the smell of oil along with a few sparks going around here and there, she really wasn’t into any of this, it was most definitely not her thing but she had promised her Dad and she didn’t want to disappoint him. She then walked towards what she could call his office but on her way there, she heard a loud voice and a laugh she could recognize anywhere. Raven.
She turned to the sound of the voice and saw her talking with Sinclair who was her father’s employee of some short. It was like her Dad, Sinclair, Wick and Raven in the chain of command here so Raven worked with her Dad, Clarke knew that, she just didn’t like talking about him with anyone so they never touched on that subject which Raven had respected since they didn’t talk about Finn either, not even when he was alive giving the whole cheating on the brunette with the blonde and not telling wither one about the other thing. When she reproached Clarke from keeping the truth form the people, that was the first time Raven mentioned him.

“Nice kid that one.” She was startled by her Dad’s voice as he stood behind her and followed her line of sight and looked at Raven as well. “Wow, Dad. Creepy much?” she said as her heart slowed down again from the startle he gave her. He laughed before hugging her from behind and resting his chin on top of her head. “Sorry kiddo, couldn’t miss the chance to do it. But why were you looking at her, in particular? Interested?” he smirked and it took her some time to figure out what he meant by that but when she did, she started laughing. “Oh my God, Dad. No.” she said and continued laughing at him.

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