The Persistence of Memory

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In the near future, neuroprosthetics are evolving, with the possibility of neural transplants being used to restore damaged cognitive functions. Nina—a young journalist—receives a hippocampal implant after a devastating accident destroyed her ability to create long term memories. All seems well until memories of places and people Nina is unfamiliar with start to surface, memories that Nina suspects are not her own and that seem to be leading her to a dark secret.

As Nina follows the trail of memories to find out to whom they belong and why she has them, she begins losing herself as the line between her memories and the others begins to blur.



Hello everyone! This'll be my first attempt at sci-fi, and I hope you all enjoy it once I publish the first chapter. Please keep an eye out for it and check it out. Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say about this!

Also, sorry for the slightly macabre cover, but I've struggled with making a better one, haha.

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