Chapter six

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Chapter six

After three days of exploring Barbados and passionate sex, I’d call it love making but then it hit me that Brody and I weren’t in love so why call it that. As I woke the next morning I thought to myself maybe I should at least contact my parents and let them know I was ok, I mean not like they would care, my dad the dictator and my mom well she wasn’t even my mom just that whore my dad married after my real mom passed away. I had kept close to my step mom as she wasn’t as brutal as my dad. The thought was quickly swift away by the numerous consequences there were if he knew where and who I was with. 

“Brody I need your help with something…umm I kinda need to let my parents know that I’m safe but they can’t know where I am, do think you can arrange like a person to deliver that message?”

His eyebrows rose in amazement, I knew what he was thinking ‘How could she possible think of those people who cause her so much pain?’

“Alex are you running a fever or have just oh I don’t know lost your frigging mind? Are you crazy? Why do you even want them knowing if you’re safe or not, it’s not like they care !!” with his voice raising at me I jumped in fear as tears welled up, he came closer to me and clutched my shoulders “Dammit Alex why don’t trust that I could keep you safe forever, those people only cause you pain!” I see this spark in his eyes was this his concern for me? How could you care for someone and scare them like this, I was shaking like a leaf and tears started pouring out my eyes as his grip tightened. 

I struggled and pushed against his rock hard chest to break free from his grip while screaming at him “Let go off me! You’re hurting me!” slowly his grip loosened and I yelled at him “You can’t keep me safe forever Brody you’re just stranger to me, but he’s my dad and I know he loves me somewhere inside that rock hard heart of his, he needs to know I’m safe!! Ugh I regret leaving home now!!” with tears pouring out my eyes I ran out off the house onto the beach.


There I was six years old, my mother looked so pale and feeble as she gently raised her hand to caress my cheeks as I cried and cried, she was dying and there was nothing I could possible do about it. And where was my oh yeah he was busy romancing his secretary while my mother fought for her last breathe the last thing I could remember her whispering in my ear was ‘It’s all yours don’t let them take it from you, and remember I love you forever Alex’ and with that she was gone forever I screamed and kicked at my nanny when she tried to take me away from my mother.

*Alex P.O.V.*

I slowly got up and began walking aimlessly along the beach, my cheeks were tear stain and my eyes were sore I had never cried like that since my mother’s funeral.

While strolling I came upon some large rocks and idleness taking over me I began climbing, with the morning sea breeze brushing against my skin I felt so free from everyone and everything. As I made my way to the top of the rock I sat on a spot that was flat and smooth and just taking in the beauty of this magnificent beach.

As usual all good things have to come to an end as the sunshine started fading away and loud grumbles were heard from the sky. Before I could think that it was going to rain I felt large droplets of water hitting my face. I got up and started moving back down, hardly paying attention to what I was doing I accidently placed my foot on a spot that was covered in sea moss and was now wet making it slippery. I thought to myself as I crazily grumbled ‘If it wasn’t for your stupid curiosity and your stupid you wouldn’t be here right now!’ mentally yelling at myself for being so dumb I lost my grip and began slipping.

Whilst falling off the height I just closed my eyes as I knew that the sharp rock I was about to fall onto was not soft as a mattress.

Expecting to have a sharp rock pierce through my body but instead to be captured in the arms of the most beautiful creature that had ever walked on earth, there he was Brody. “Brody oh my god I’m so glad to see you thank god you caught me!” I exclaimed and snuggled against his chest.

He said nothing to me and just began walking back towards the house refusing to put me down, as we made our way inside he busted through our bedroom doors and stepped into the shower and began peeling our drenched clothes off but yet not saying a word. Was he mad at me for running? ‘Oh wow that’s a stupid question’ I thought to myself. 

As the warm water hit our naked bodies he poured some body wash onto a clothe and began scrubbing us both once we were finished bathing I grabbed towel and made my way out of the bathroom, If he was going to give me the silent treatment then so be it, I’ll just do the same.

I walked into the closet and feeling him trailing behind me I turned around to find him tearing my towel off and wiping my body dry, he grabbed one of his t-shirts that hung mid thigh and put it on me. I just stood there in amazement was he seriously not going to talk to me, and then it struck me I had called him a stranger,  I had insulted his concern and care for me upset with myself dropped on the ground and burst into tears. I felt him shift from in front me did he just walk away ? with that thought I just cried harder into my hands.

“Alex get off the floor and let get you in bed now.” As he gently took me into his arms and lead me to the bed he laid me down and slid in beside me just holding me as I cried.

“Brody I’m sorry I shouldn’t have called you a stranger because for the past couple of days I’ve never felt so protected and loved, please forgive me.” There I was Alex Guerra,  just begged for the forgiveness of a man that was something I never thought would happen, not even in a million years would I apologise to man yet here I was crying pleading that he forgive me, what was this man doing to me.

“Alex I’m not mad at you for calling me a stranger but I am definitely pissed at how careless you were on the rocks, you could have died today don’t you realize how risky that was!!” his tone was cold and authorative, I was actually beginning to like when he took control of me I felt loved by him and feeling I got from his touch transported me to cloud nine.

“I’m really sorry I’ll be careful next time I promise, and I really am sorry !”

“You’re sorry?”

“Yes dammit Brody I’m sorry just stop being mad at me please!!”

“Show me you’re sorry Alex.”

“What do you mean?”

And his answer to my question involved us losing our minimal clothing and hardcore sex. The further he drove in me the less mad he became unless we finally spiraled down from our release.

“Sleep now gorgeous you’re forgiven” he planted a soft kiss on my forehead as I nuzzled into his chest and we both fell asleep. 

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