Sour Encounter

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Clarke wasn’t sure how to react seeing for the first time in months the face of the man who would become a murderous psychopath and would be one of the reasons why the love of her life died as well as many others, whatever good feelings she had when she first saw Wells completely changed into complete hate and disgust as she took a good look at the son of a bitch. He looked the same as he did during her interaction with him during the summit minus the weapons. Clarke could feel her hands turning into fists as she clenched them very tightly making her knuckles turn white, the only thing preventing her from jumping on him and breaking his neck at this moment was her mission.

But truth be told, with her knowledge of fighting and his lack of skills as of yet, she could easily take him down in a matter of seconds, and boy, how she wanted to do it but she knew that killing him now was not the way to go about it because whether she liked it or not, he was the reason why many people from Farm Station survived falling into the Ice Nation’s territory and if for anything else, he must stay alive long enough for that one and only good deed he made but, after it, it’s game over for him. Wells noticed her hands and the dark look on her face when seeing their teacher and was confused about it.

Sure, the majority of the kids hated the guy and he knew about it but Clarke never let her opinions of him show on her face, not so openly, so Wells was more than a little confused about her behavior towards the teacher even when Clarke was definitely his best student. He touched one of her clenched hands calling her attention back to him and away from Pike. When she looked at him and took a deep breath, she calmed down and her features changed it to a more relaxed one, though not that much, and she even unclenched her hands. “Are you okay?” he whispered and she nodded tensely. “Sorry, I just spaced out a little. I’m okay now. Thanks.” She said also in whisper and managed a small smile that wasn’t very good or convincing but it seemed to pass the message to drop it for now and he did.

She wasn’t sure how exactly she was able to endure the class without killing the bastard but she had to control her urges while she decided to watch him closely. One of the things she learned during her training was that to defeat your enemy, you must think like them, know their every move and so she spent the class observing him. Every movement, even the smallest, meaningless ones, she saved on her mind because later, she could use it to destroy him if he turned out the same way he did before or worse. The only thing she knew for sure was that he had something else coming if he tried anything bad on the ground. She wasn’t the same little girl he knew on his class anymore.

She was a leader, a warrior and more than anything, she was a protector of the people she cared about and him, Titus and a few others are on her black list and they should watch their back when she comes for them because she will and without mercy this time. She will not let them, under no circumstance, destroy her life and their world once again. She will stop them. She was thinking about all the ways in which she could get rid of Pike really fast and that was when she noticed him turning to her and asking a question so she tuned back in to listen to him and asked him to repeat the question. “I asked what is the first thing you do if you get to Earth?” he asked.

“Water, you will get dehydrated otherwise that can mean a quick death.” She said without even blinking since it was an easy answer for her and one of the first things she had worried about when they got to the ground, to find a source of water. But she wasn’t satisfied with it so before he could interrupt, she continued while staring at him without blinking. “And then, you should make yourself a fire and a weapon, after all you never know what kind of dangers may be waiting for you around the corner? What kind of enemy you can be faced with and what he can do? So it is always good to be well prepared.” She said smirking at him and everyone was looking at her.

“Very well, Ms. Griffin.” He said firmly and with a forced smile on his face but she could see he didn’t know how to react to her answer and her stare and she could pat herself on the back though she doubted Becca would agree with what she did but she needed to do it if only this once. She needed to intimidate him somehow, even if just a little, so he would know not to mess with her. She needed to find joy in small measures since there was not much she could do in regards to him right now. Class finished not too long after that and she quickly grabbed her things and waited for Wells before she walked out of the room.

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