The Sky - Return

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“So this is it.” Clarke said as she and Becca walked through the door and out of the room she had stayed all while she was here and the older woman nodded. “Yes, it is. Your training has been completed and you have learned everything you need to make the right changes in the past to create a better future for everyone down on Earth and those who will come after you.” She said and Clarke sighed. “So everyone’s future rest on me now.” She said and Becca gave her a small smile. “I know it is a lot of responsibility but you will not be alone and I believe in you. You can do this.” She said and Clarke nodded as she has already accepted it.
“I know. It’s just a lot.” She said and Becca nodded. “Yes, it is but it will be okay. Now, I need you to listen, there is something else you must make a choice about.” She said and Clarke stopped to look at her. “What is it?” she asked a little apprehensive on what was coming her way now. “Once you have changed everything, you will be faced with a choice, you can either retain the memories of this timeline or remove them so the only ones you will remember will be the way you changed them. However, you don’t have to choose now, when the time is right, I will come for an answer. But it would be good to have that in mind.” She explained and Clarke nodded.

It was a good thing that she didn’t want an answer right now because Clarke wasn’t sure what to choose in this particular question. On one hand, she appreciated some good memories and even the bad ones because it helped her become the woman she is now but on the other hand, not remember all the pain and loss and anger she had experienced in this other life would be very nice. But she let that go for now as they came to a stop in front of a white door on a long corridor that had other 4 doors and Clarke could see the 4 people she chose to help her all standing in front of one.

“Looking nice, Griffin.” Raven said from the third door, looking better than the last time she saw her. Kane was on the fourth door and Murphy on the last one whereas Lexa was by the door on her side. She looked at her and they smiled at each other. “It is time guys. You must all open and walk through the doors together. Whenever you are ready.” Becca said as she stood by the side watching. Clarke then turned to the others. “Ready?” she said and they nodded. “On three. One, two…” she looked a Lexa who looked back at her. “I love you.” She said and Lexa smiled. “I love you too.” She replied back. “Three.” She said and they all pushed through the doors together.
There was a bright light and a deafening sound around her for a couple of seconds and Clarke wondered what was going or if it had worked whatever Becca was doing to bring them back but then, suddenly, she opened her eyes and immediately she recognized her room back on the Ark, the metal walls, the heavy air, the humming sound, the cold, it was all there around her. She really went back in time. Even though she already knew this would happen, Clarke didn’t believe it 100%, she had her doubts that she wasn’t just hallucinating but now, now there was no doubt. Becca really did it.

She tossed the blanket on the side and sat up on the bed looking over her room. It was so small, now that she was used on the vast space of the Earth, this was almost claustrophobic small for her but the feeling passed soon enough. She then stood up and went to her desk and looked at her drawings of Earth, or what she had read there once was on Earth at least, she could feel herself wishing to be back there but she reminded herself that she had a mission and that if she succeeded, she would have a life time with Lexa, who she pushed out of her mind to try and minimize the longing feeling she started to feel creeping in.

But thankfully to shake her away from that road was a knock on the door. She turned to it. “Come in.” she said expectantly and the door opened revealing her father. She held back a sob form escaping when she saw his beautiful smile. “Good morning, kiddo.” But she couldn’t help herself from throwing herself in his arms when he said that. It had been so long for her since she last heard his voice and that nickname, she couldn’t help it. “Hey, what’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?” Jake asked as she tightened her hold on him and buried her face on his chest.

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