Is this goodbye?

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Clarke lost count on how many rounds they went but it was safe to say it was a lot of them. Lexa is a marvelous and generous lover, in and out of bed. She made breakfast for Clarke and brought it to her on the bed, there was strawberries, bread and eggs, milk, orange juice and coffee. Clarke asked her how she knew about these things and she said that her people wasn’t as unaware of the customs before the first Praimfaya as the Sky People believed them to be and Clarke apologized for that then ate the breakfast and it was delicious. She put on some clothes as well as Lexa did and they just went to cuddle in bed.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me that you are a genius?” Clarke asked the older girl as they decided that during their time together on Earth, they weren’t able to get to know the little, simple things about each other that as an aspiring couple they should know about, such as favorite food, which for Clarke was the cake her father would always make on her birthday and for Lexa was this lamb stew her mother used to make for her every week, favorite color, which they found out that they both chose the color of the other’s eyes so for Clarke, it was green and for Lexa, it was blue, etc, etc, and they also didn’t want to talk about their mission, they knew what they needed to do so they decided to focus on each other.

“I am not a genius.” Lexa said humbly as she laid down on her back while staring at the ceiling of the room while Clarke was on her side, head propped up on her elbow looking at her, conveying all the details to her mind so she wouldn’t forget and would be able to draw from memory later on. “Becca said you are a genius and a prodigy on everything.” She said and Lexa turned to her with a smirk. “Everything?” she asked and Clarke knew exactly what she meant. “No, pervert. Be serious. I love it. It was one of the first things I noticed about you.” Clarke said. “What? That I may be heartless but at least I am smart?” she said and Clarke groaned on her pillow while Lexa laughed.
“I didn’t know you very well then and you were a little bitch to me and my people up until that point so cut me some slack, I know better now. But I meant your intelligence and be serious.” She said warningly and Lexa nodded still smiling. “Do you know what IQ is?” she asked and Clarke nodded. “I’ve read something about it, yes.” She said and Lexa nodded. “Mine is 152 which would be considered to be gifted. Becca is 134 which would be considered to be a genius.” She said and Clarke was shocked. “Really?” she asked and the brunette nodded. “Wow, my girlfriend is a certified genius. I really know how to pick.” She said and Lexa nodded.

“What do you think our lives would have been like before the bombs?” Lexa asked curiously and Clarke smiled as with her right hand she started to play with Lexa’s hand and her beautiful and long fingers. “I think that you would have come from a wealthy family, like insanely rich, but very good people. You would have been the oldest with 4 younger siblings.” Clarke said and Lexa smiled. “4? I can barely deal with one.” She said and Clarke looked at her shocked. “You have a sibling?” she asked and Lexa nodded. “A sister, she is 5 years old. I saw her not long before Roan brought you to me.” she said.
“What is her name?” she asked, maybe she met her before. “Madi.” She said and Clarke nodded. “So your parents are alive still?” she asked and Lexa shook her head. “Only my father, my mom died giving birth to Madi. He lives in another clan. I try to visit them as much as I can without raising suspicion to them but with the distance is very hard. Now continue the story and then, I will tell you about Madi.” She said and Clarke nodded. “So it would be you, two boys, a girl and another boy, in this order. And you would be in charge of the family business.” She said and Lexa smiled. “What about me?” Clarke asked.

“You would be a student, medicine and art, since you love to paint. And you would also be from a wealthy family, 3 siblings. A twin brother, a young girl and Raven would be adopted.” She said and Clarke laughed. “A twin brother and Raven as my adopted sister? I love it.” She said and Lexa smiled. “We would have met when we were kids and I would have asked you out.” She said and Clarke looked at her. “Right there and then?” she asked and Lexa nodded. “Of course. And all of our friends would be brought together by us.” She said.

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