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Luke's POV

I wish this was easier, I just really like Mia a lot and I don't wanna screw up an say the wrong thing.

"Just tell her you like her." I say to myself as I pace back and forth in my bedroom.

But how do I tell her? Do I just come right out with it and say 'Mia I like you.'? Of course not, I can't do that, that would be so awkward just dumping on her like that and putting her on the spot. Ugh, I wish I was more confident or slightly less awkward.

"We're back mate." Michael yelled from downstairs. The boys went to try to get Mia's car back. I ran downstairs to ask if they got the car.

"How'd it go?" I ask. If I know one thing about Mia's mum from what she has told me, it's that she can be pretty stubborn.

"Well, after lots of convincing we got the car back." Ashton said with a proud smile.

"And by convincing, Ash means we convinced her mom to let him in to use the bathroom and he stole the remote thing to open the garage. And then we snuck the remote back and got the car here without her mom noticing." Calum said. I knew she wouldn't just let them get the car back.

"Good job guys, Mia will be proud of your sneaky ways." I say laughing.

Mia's POV

I pulled into the driveway and saw my car sitting there. Good job boys, I wonder how they did it. I got out of the car to get the mountain of groceries from the back seat. I have about half of the bags in my hands when the boys come out to help.

"Finally, I thought you would never come out!" I said starting to walk back into the house. 

"Do you need help with those, you have a lot of bags?" Luke asked walking over to me with a lot of bags in his hands too. "Um, no I am good." I said. I still get nervous when I talk to him. I need to get over him! Well Josh is nice and I am sure Luke would think it's awkward having someone live with him that has a crush on him. I really like Josh too, he seems chill.

"That's the last of it." Calum says putting the last of the groceries away.

"I am so tired!" We all say at the same time. "Wow that was creepy." we all said at the same time again. We all just started laughing.

"Mia can I talk to you for a minute, alone?" Luke asked staring at me with his magical blue eyes. Oh my god I need to stop talking about him like that. Ugh but he is so gorgeous. Me getting over this crush is for the best for both of us.

"Uh, yea sure. Let's go upstairs." I say. We decided to talk in Luke's room. It was exactly how I expected it. A guitar in the corner of the room, a bunch of posters on the walls, and kinda messy. Not that I ever thought about what Luke's room looks like.

"So what did you want to tell me?" I asked. I was really nervous, what if he kicks me out?

"Well, uh um Mia I think i-" Luke began to say but then my phone started ringing. It was Josh, yay!

"Sorry Luke, I gotta take this. We can talk later yeah?" I ask feeling really bad for ditching Luke, but if I am going to get over him i need to spend more time with Josh.

"Uh yeah sure." Luke said. He was clearly upset, and i felt bad but this was for the good for both of us.

"Hey what's up Josh?" I asked into the phone.

"Hey, I was wondering if you want to go on a date with me on Saturday night." Josh said. At that moment all I though about was Luke. How would he feel? He probably doesn't like me like that anyways so I said

"Of course I would. What time?" I asked. Am I really doing this? Yes I am. "I will pick you up at 8."

"Okay that's great I will text you the adress later, okay?" "Alright. Bye Mia." he said. "Bye Josh."

After our little phone chat I went downstairs to see what the guys were up to. In the living room i found Michael and Calum, they were sitting on the couch watching tv.

"Hey guys! Anyone up for some FIFA?" I asked. I wasn't all that good, but I was bored.

"Mia! Just the person we needed to talk to. And we are always up for FIFA." Calum said.

"What did you need to talk to me about?" I asked. "We'll talk upstairs in the game room." Michael said.

~ In the game room~

"So Mia before we start playing, we need to ask you a favor." Calum said quietly. Why was he whispering?

"Ask away. And why are we whispering?" I whisper to the guys. "So Ash and Luke don't hear." Calum said.

"We need you to help us plan a suprise birthday party for Ash and Luke. It's two weeks from Saturday, so it's a late birthday party but that makes for more of a suprise." Michael said still whispering.

"I'M IN!!!!" I yelled and covered my mouth after i realized how loud i was. "Sorry." I said.

"It's okay, now let's play some FIFA!!!" Calum yelled.

"I WIN!!! I WIN!!!! BOW DOWN TO YOUR FIFA QUEEN!" I yelled. That's right, i won and it wasn't easy. Calum is really good but i prevailed victorious!

"I let you win." The boys said in unison. They do that a lot, it's creepy.

"Whatever." I said and got up to go to bed. "Good night losers." I said to Mikey and Cal jokingly. "Good night my Queen." Calum said laughing. "Night Mia." Michael said.

I changed and got into my bed. I never did talk to Luke. Oh well, I'll do it some other time. And with that, I fell asleep.

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