Why Will Byers is Gay

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Hello. My name is Emma, and I'm probably the biggest byler shipper you've ever heard of. It might not seem like it now, but just wait. :))

Okay so let me just get something straight first, even though there's nothing straight about this topic. (HAHAHA SEE WHAT I DID?)
If you believe that shipping Mike & Will together is sexualizing them but shipping Mike & Eleven is not, you're homophobic. Shipping two boys together isn't any different than shipping a boy and a girl together. It's not weird in any way. It's completely normal!
Also if you think shipping Mike & Will together is considered pedophilia, you're also wrong.
Someone is considered a pedophile when they are sexually attracted to children, pedophiles are also adults and even elders. Being a pedophile would be like asking for a Mike and Will sex scene (if it was an adult asking for that.) Which is not necessary at their age. They're minors!

Okay, now, onto the reasons why Will Byers is gay!

First, as stated in the very beginning of the show, (S1, E1) Joyce mentions to Hopper that Will had been called queer by his father. Hopper asks Joyce "Is he?" and all Joyce replies back with is "He's missing! That's what he is!"
Being the fact that she changed the subject of Will being called queer, Joyce doesn't care what her sons sexuality is. Her love for him will never change!

When Joyce, Jonathan, and Mike tried to regain Will's memory when he was possessed by the mind flayer, (S2, E8) Joyce brings back the story of when Will got new crayons and drew a rainbow ship with them. A rainbow ship. Now of course, everyone had a phase of coloring things rainbow when they were younger. I did it too. However, this is a fictional TV show. The Duffer Brothers put each and every detail in the show for a reason.
When Mike told Will the story of how they met, that was important to know. It tells the viewers more about their story and how long they'd truly known each other. When Jonathan told Will the story of how Castle Byers' was built, that was also important to the story, because Castle Byers' is a place brought up often in the first season. So when Joyce tells Will the story of his rainbow ship drawing, that must have a key for something coming up later.

We're gonna boost an episode (hahah it's not really a boost idek why i used that) to S2 E9, the day of the snowball, the day I'm pretty sure every Stranger Things fan was waiting for!
At the beginning of the dance, Mike, Will, and the group are seen smiling and having fun. Then as the 'Cute Girl from the Dance' approaches Will, Mike & Will are shown to have their smiles fade. The girl asks "Hey Zombie Boy, do you want to dance?"
Will then looks up at Mike, then says very quietly (almost to the point where you could barely hear it!) "I don't.."
The only reason why Will ended up dancing with her in the first place was because Mike had playfully hit his shoulder giving him the expression "Come on! Go dance with her!"
Way to go Mike, you gave up your boyfriend! :(
When Will and the girl were dancing, the distance apart from each other is clearly noticeable, but what some people might not have noticed is that Will looked stiff and uncomfortable the whole time, even faking a smile while the girl seemed to like the dancing.
Coincidence that the line of Every Breath You Take played 'every smile you fake' as Will was faking a smile? I think not.
Also, something even I didn't notice until a few days ago was that the girl Will was dancing with had a rainbow pin in her hair. Another rainbow appearance? Hmm..

Okay now we're going to get into something that's probably the most easy and shortest to explain.
Will didn't show any interest in girls at all throughout this show. When Max arrived, Dustin and Lucas were all googly-eyes at her. You could tell they were lowkey fighting over her throughout the season. But Will? Every time Max was around them, he never really talked to her or showed any interest in her, unlike Lucas and Dustin.

Okay, I think those are all the key points of reasons why Will is gay!
I know this is pointless, but it's kind of fun for me to sketch out all of these reasons and tell other people ideas from the show they maybe never noticed before!
My next chapter is going to be the possible hidden feelings Mike might have for Will! So save this if you'd like to read the rest!!
Thanks for reading! I love you guys! :)

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