Chapter 2

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× Sting POV ×

Crap, I wish I never agreed to having a drinking contest with those idiots but at least the Almighty Sting Eucliffe won!

I was walking around until I came across a familiar scent. Then I saw that blonde from Fairy Tail. I don't know if it's because I'm drunk but now I really noticed she's pretty hot. Although, my vision was quite blurry but its whatever. She's hot, end of story.

"Hey Blondie!" I yelled and she turned to look at me. "Sting?" she asked, confused.

"That's right bow down to the almighty Sting Eucliffe of Sabertooth!" I said, flexing my biceps and striking a pose. She just rolled her eyes and turned her head back around.

I, myself was shocked. How can she not be charmed by all this? I felt light headed so I walked over and sat next to her and slumped a bit.

× Lucy POV ×

As soon as Sting sat next to me I smelt a strong and very familiar odor. Of course, he was drunk. I looked at him and he was smiling at the ground. "Are you drunk?" I simply asked him.

"Why? You scared?" he asked, leaning in, closer and closer to my face that I had to lean back. "As if." I whispered, but he kept smirking.

"Then why are you shaking?" he rubbed his hand on my shaking arm. "I'm not shaking." I defended myself and now his face is so close our noses are touching. I admit, I dislike drinking and drunks. I hate the smell and the things it can do to people. But you'd think being in Fairy Tail would change that considering how some of them are when they drink booze.'

"You smell good Blondie." he smiled and smashed his lips into mine I was shocked at first but then it felt so warm so soft, so passionate. But I couldn't. NO.

I pushed him away and tried to run but he caught my wrist and pulled me down causing me to fall onto his chest along with an 'eeeek.'

"Where do ya think you're going Blondie?" he said kissing my neck.

No! This isn't good! If someone from the guild sees me like this Natsu wouldn't forgive me. I tried to push him away as hard as I could but he just tightened his grip on me.

"Stop squirming Blondie." his hot breath brushed against my skin.

"Stop Sting!" I said trying to push him off of me. Then I could feel his sharp teeth rubbing against my neck, "Sting what are you-" I was cut off by his teeth sinking into my neck. It hurt. Like a lot. I bit my lip hard and winced in pain. I closed my eyes and started to cry.

"I'm so sorry Natsu." then all I heard was, BANG!

I opened my eyes and saw Sting unconscious,  behind him a black shadow evolved into a person. "Rogue?" I asked him.

"What did Sting do this ti-" his voice died down and his eyes went wide. "Oh crap, this isn't good Sting is suchhhhhhh an idiot." he said and he carried Sting on his shoulder.

"Your name is Lucy right?" He asked emotionless.


"Come with us." he said and started walking away.


"Because it's important." he turned back with a poker face.

I nodded and followed them to where they were staying and when we got there room Rogue threw Sting on the bed.

"Go to sleep we need to talk tomorrow morning when the idiot wakes up." I nodded and closed my eyes and drifted off into a nice sleep on the couch.

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