Chapter 1: Enough Moping

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"Could you please get your ass out the bed ZenZen!! Damn! I'm tired of this shit. Fuck that nigga." I felt my best friend trying to pull the cover off of me but I had a good grip on it

" she still not getting out the bed?" I heard my brother walk in the room "you gotta get over it Zen, we're niggas! We cheat, all the time. If a nigga tell you he never cheated he lying. You gotta realize we ain't shit and let it go"

"Mmmm fuck on telling her that bullshit gay niggas don't cheat" Jameer said "okurrrrt"

"But is she gonna date a gay nigga??" Aaron asked in a duhh tone

"No but she might date a bisexual one. Boop!! move along"

"I'm going to practice" Aaron said before I heard the downstairs door close

"We in Orlando you suppose to be popping that pussy like you ain't pop that pussy in a while, pop that pussy like pussy is going outta style" I picked my head up to stare at him while he twerked with his tongue out

"You do too much" I groaned

"Bishhh you don't do enough!! you know I'm a hoe, if I had a pussy I would be busting it open like 7/11 which means 24/7. Hit them with the Thank you CUM again"

"Get outtttttt Meer!!! I knew I should've came to visit my brother without you "

"I got Chris Brown tickets" he smiled hard

"Does it look like I give a fuck?? Like honestly Meer...does it??? Real talk. Like I wanna know"

"Wheww bitch I almost bopped you talking to me like that" he laughed so hard he snorted "get tf out of this bed bitch I'm not playing no more"

"For why???"

"Bishhhh. Your ass too smart to be this damn illiterate. It's 4 in the afternoon you haven't showered in three days and it smell like something dying in here"

"You so damn dramatic"

"Melo ain't shit! He never was shit and he never gonna be shit! Now bring your ass" I felt him grab my ankles and before I could grip the sheets I was hitting the floor hard

"What tf meer" I rubbed my forehead

He threw my toothbrush and toothpaste at me "please go make ya shit smell good. And make sure you get all up in that pussy" he held his nose

"Meer fuck you!!"

"Bishhhh hurry up!!! I got ya shower running. Ya brother might be some rich NBA player but I doubt he want a 1000$ water bill" he pushed me into the bathroom

"1000$ ain't shit to him"

"Well bitch I bet the money he spent on these front row seats and back stage passes is something to him. Get in the shower. Now!!" He held his nose as we closed the bathroom door

I got in the shower and finally cried. I found out my boyfriend of two years was caught cheating on me while I was down here visiting my brother. For the last 4 days I've been mad at the world. I go back home in two weeks then my senior year starts next month and the last thing I wanna do is have to see Melo face or hear his excuses. He's been blowing up my phone and I haven't answered not one call

My brother answered one time and Melo quickly hung up. Then the only time Jameer picked up they got into a whole ass argument. It was the first time I laughed in the last 4 days thinking about their argument

I was snapped out my thoughts by loud banging on the door "what meer?!?!?"

"You been in there for an hour!! Bring your ass on so I can slay your hair. You gonna get some chris Brown dick tonight" he started making a beat on the door

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