The Meeting (Part 2)

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Victorias parents get in the room before him does. I can hear their conversation without trying, since these walls are paper thin.

"Victoria, why did you do that?" a woman is saying

"Mom, relax, im a career, I'm  a good fighter!" Victoria says.

"It wasn't safe for you to voluntee-", and then my parents show up, drawing out the other conversation I was hearing. And goes what? My mom and dad keep the conversation short since they have full confidence in me. Not a surprise. In fact, they're very proud I volunteered this year. I love my parents. I wonder what Victoria would say about hers. I hear a smack noise at the other room, which kind of stop out conversation for a bit. I can hear them arguing again. 

"Listen, Magnus," My dad says, "Don't doubt that we have full support on you, we sincerely do"

"No, its okay dad, I know." I say.

"Good." He says, "Then I guess that wraps up out conversation?" He says, I just nod yes. The two are taken away by Peacekeepers, while me and Victoria go on a train to the Capitol. I see she has a red mark on her face, which is the shape of a hand. She doesn't look at me, out of embarrassment that I could've heard her, in which I did. We go in this train with my escort, and this is where I see my mentors. Theres Zenobia Rivendell, and Baron Overwhill. Im glad we have 2 mentors this year, unlike District 10, who has no mentors. That district is a joke. I am 100 percent sure that they'll lose. 

"Well, here are our tributes this year!" Invidia says with excitement. 

"We heard you guys were both volunteers, is that correct?", Baron asks.

"Yes!" I say with full confidence. I can tell he likes that. On the other hand, Victoria still says nothing. 

"Well, have any questions for us on survival?" I say yes, and I ask him mainly on survival. Baron doesn't know much about plants or whats safe to eat, since his arena took place in some dark caves, so that eliminates them. However, Zenobia does since her arena has some plants, even though none were poisoned. They also talk about advising us to be carful about fighting in the arena, even though we are careers. 

"The best thing to do during the bloodbath is to get supplies first, since you probably are experience fighters. Besides, why else would you volunteer?

"I just volunteered for my freind..." Victoria finally says. That kind of puts us in since for a long time. Baron can tell that she doesn't look to hot right now, so he says,

"Well thats okay, Victoria. Most of the tributes will be scared of you, since you guys, along with Districts 1, and 4. So don't sweat it." He says. Victoria exudes herself to watch some Games. I can't tell who's who, but the tributes are fighting in an arena thats pretty much a big minefield. I decide to watch too, since it looks pretty nice. The mentors watch too.

"Ahhhh... those were Honorius's Games!" Zenobia says.

"Whos Honorius?" I ask.

"Well, thats the guy who won that year. Used those mines to bomb the careers. I must say I was a genius move on his part", she says. Right then a boy from 5 tries to reactivated one but it blows up in his face, obviously killing him. I laugh a little bit. C'mon, you know that was hilarious. The mentors laugh too. 

"You guys wanna see mine?" Baron says. Me and Victoria say yes. We skip around the lobby of the playlist and find his, and I realize that he won the 2d Hunger Games. Thats the year Drusus Snow died, since his husband was executed 2 years ago. He's right about the Games taking place in the caves. Baron killed 3 people in the bloodbath, and made a career alliance with everyone except the girl from 4, who was missing. She either left, or died. The careers have a very hard time finding tributes. One day, probably 11-14 days in, a huge mutt chases Baron and the careers. The monster isn't illuminated but you can see its shape, but just barley. The beast manages to kill 3 of the 5 remaining careers. It was only Baron and the girl from 2 left, so they fought each other. She was strangling Baron, getting on top of him, choking him. However, Baron reached for a rock and hit her in the head. Did I mention the cameras have night vision? blood gushes out of her head, and he hits the rock on her head until she dies. Quite a year, I suppose. We don't need to see Zenobia's since we have that fresh in our minds, since it happened last year.

After I watch his, I go to my room, which is very luxurious. My family is in no shortage of money, but I wonder how much this could be? God, it looks so nice, almost as nice as my place. No I'm just kidding, its much better than that. Its kinda sad, to see a train built better than someones home, which gets me a little worked up. I decide to take a nap, so its what I do. Its not the nicest bed I've had, but its till serviceable. 

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