Chapter 5; Working Girl

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While laying in bed, Olivia decides to text Mr. Jackson. The time was now 9:32.

Olivia: Hey Mr. Jackson. It's Olivia. I'd like to take you up on that offer for a ride in morning.

She waited about 10 minutes and no response. She figured she'd be walking again. She put her phone down and got in her sleeping position. As she closed her eyes her phone made a dinging noise.

Mr. Jackson: Liv, it's 9:42, what are you still doing up?

Olivia: That's not what I asked Mr. Jackson.

Mr. Jackson: 😂 okay, okay. Before you get sassy with me. I'll be there to pick you up. What time?"

Olivia: 6:30 works for me. Also, you know me very well. Lol. Thanks again for helping me today, get some rest. Goodnight.

Mr. Jackson: It was my pleasure. You need to get some rest as well. No sleeping in my class young woman. Lol. Goodnight.

With that, Olivia smiled and fell fast asleep. . .

- - -

Michael sat outside of Olivia's house beeping the horn. He tried to have some respect for others who may still be asleep in the neighborhood but she hadn't been outside and it was already 6:45. She was 15 minutes late. He wouldn't have worried if he heard from her but not even a single text. He had no other choice but to call her.

~In Olivia's Room~

Ring ring ring. Her phone went off repeatedly until she finally woke up. "H- hello?" She answered. "Liv, you were sleeping weren't you?" Mr. Jackson replied. She heard him giggling. "Get dressed and get out here sleepy head, we're going to be late." He added. Olivia was blushing. She hurriedly got dressed and ran to Mr. Jackson's car. They shared a smile between eachother. Mr. Jackson handed her something. "See how nice I am? I got you a coffee and breakfast which I'm guessing you skipped since you just rolled out of bed." Mr. Jackson joked. "Oh, hush." Olivia replied while taking the croissant and coffee Mr. Jackson bought her. Mr. Jackson began pulling off. "You still managed to look beautiful though." He whispered. Olivia choked on her food a bit and began coughing. "Thank you. . . I think." She responded. Mr. Jackson began blushing while driving now. He smiled to himself. "I think you look good as well, Mr. Jackson." Olivia admitted. Mr. Jackson smiled. "I have a favor to ask you." He said. "Go on." She answered. "I have a house keeper, she cooks and cleans for me.. well she is off of work on injury. She broke her foot and she'll be out for at least 2 months possibly 3." He began. "So, you want me to play house wife?" Olivia teased. "Well, I'd like you to take her spot with pay of course. I'm out some of the time, but I'll admit, cooking is not my strongest suit and I don't really favor eating fast food everyday. I can clean after myself, but if you know a few recipes and don't mind..." he paused and looked over to see a smiling Olivia. She's so beautiful, he thought to himself. "You can join me for dinner too. I wouldn't make you cook and just leave of course." He added nervously. "Hm... I will think it over and let you know after school." She replied. "Well, if the answer is yes, I'd like you to start today." he responded. She smiled. They pulled up to the school and both got out of the car. Coincidentally Mr. Jackson parked next to Triniti's car and the girls were all sitting inside. Once they saw Olivia they all got out. "Liv!" They said. Mr. Jackson's smile faded. They all waved at Mr. Jackson. "Goodmorning, ladies. Have a great day, Liv. I'll see you later." He said and walked inside the school. "You're NOT sleeping with him?" Chyna asked. Olivia laughed thinking she was joking. "No! My mom gave him permission to be my ride so I no longer have to walk. They girls all walked inside the school and went to their homerooms.


The girls all sat at their usual table. Olivia was the only one eating again. "So if he has permission to give you rides to and from school, why did you walk yesterday?" Chyna harassed Olivia. "He asked my mom during the school day, I wasn't notified til after school yesterday." She responded. "I'm sorry. . . He? As in Mr. Jackson asked your mother to escort you?" Chyna said. "He didn't do that for you when you slept with him?" Olivia said with air quotes. "Um, what's with the quotes? It definitely happened." Chyna responded. Olivia rolled her eyes and let out a petty chuckle. "I'm gonna let it go since you're sleeping with him now." Chyna said. "I'm not sleeping with anyone. You're just mad because he's actually a great friend. Unlike someone. I'll dismiss myself now. Goodbye everyone else." Olivia said as she got up from the table. Chyna rolled her eyes remembering the talk her and Ebony had. Olivia left the lunch room and went to Mr. Jackson's class.

~Mr. Jackson's Class~

Olivia walked into Mr. Jackson's class to find him sitting at his desk enjoying his own lunch. "Hello." She said. He looked up. "Hey, Liv. Aren't you supposed to be in lunch?" He asked. "I just got into it with one of the girls." She answered. "Oh no, which one?" He asked. "Chyna Santiago" she said while rolling her eyes. "Do you mind if I close the door? I want to tell you about everything but I don't need any eavesdroppers listening in." She admitted. Mr. Jackson nodded. Olivia proceeded to close the door and pull a chair in front of Mr. Jackson's desk. "She is the one who keeps accusing me of sleeping with you. She did it again all because you gave me a ride home yesterday and in today." She began. "Jeez, these girls are crazy. That's toxic." He admitted. "She has always got something to say. I've clashed with her since day one. I just feel weird about these girls now. I feel like you're the only true friend I've got Mr. Jackson." She admitted. "Well, I didn't honestly know you looked at me that way, but I'm glad I can be that for you." He responded. "How old are you, though?" She asked. He smirked "that's not important." He answered. "Oh come on, if I'm going to be working for you, I at least want to know how old you are." She paused. "And if there is a Mrs. I'll be attending to as well?" Mr. Jackson blushed and chuckled. "I'm 25. And just me, Liv. And you decided to work for me, huh." He answered. Olivia smiled and nodded. She was actually happy to hear that he wasn't married. That didn't mean he wasn't involved romantically with anyone though. The last bell rang and Mr. Jackson and Olivia made their way to Mr. Jackson's car. Olivia pulled out her phone and began texting her mother.

Olivia: Hey Momma, Mr. Jackson asked me to come work for him and I agreed to do so. I shouldn't be too long, but I'll let you know. xo

Rosie: Hey sweetie, that's fine. I'll set a plate aside for you. I've actually got some news for you but don't worry until you're home. xo

Olivia wasn't sure how to feel after reading that text from her mom but she still grew a bit paranoid.

~Mr. Jackson's House~

Michael unlocked his door and allowed Olivia to go inside first. "So what are you feeling like making today?" He asked her. "What do you want to eat?" She asked. "Surprise me. I'll set the table, okay?" He responded. She felt like a little house wife cooking for her husband. It felt even more special when she thought about who it was for as well. She was going to make one of her favorite dishes, Shepard's pie. Not only is it easy, but it's quick and delicious. It took her about a half hour due to thawing out the hamburger. She made two bowls of shepards pie and poured some sparkling juice to represent wine. She thought this would cause Mr. Jackson to laugh. She brought his plate over first, "here you are Mr. Jackson." She said with a confident smile. "Liv, seeing as though you're working for me now, you can call me by name outside of school. It's Michael." He suggested. It would be awkward for her at first but she obliged to his wishes. She returned to the stove to grab her bowl and sparkling juice and sat down across from Michael. Michael waited for her to take her seat to take the first bite. "Liv, this is amazing! Great job!" He said. She blushed. Michael put on some slow dance music after they finished eating. "Care to dance, Liv?" He asked. She chuckled and joined him in the living room to dance. They danced for a while. He spun her and dipped her brought her back up to continue. When the music neared the end, they kind of just stood there looking into each other's eyes. Michael slowly looked down to her lips and bit his own. Without thinking he kissed Olivia. Without thinking she kissed back. She quickly pulled away. "I should get going." She said. "Let me drive you, it's cold." He demanded. "No, no. It's okay. I like it." She said. Without another word she put her jacket on and left. I guess that answered her question about their being another person romantically involved. . .

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