Chapter 13

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Thorn hide in a storage room keeping as quiet as she could. After her little stunt tricking the predacon he had not stopped hunting her. Picking up no noise for several moments, cautiously she peeked her helm around the door frame. The hallway was clear. 

'Why dose this feel to good to be true?'

Instead of walking into the hall she ducked back inside the room and leaned on the wall. Slowly she slid down, wings pressed against it, the tips sticking out into the door way. Signing she brought her servo up to her helm and massaged her forehelm. Trying to alleviate some of the pain from a growing helmache. 

'Well siting here will get me know were. I am sure a flight will clear my processor.'

Thorn grunted as she stood, back braced against the wall behind her, her claw took hold of the door jam. Straining her back, her wings drooped, right servo still rubbing her helm. Stepping out through the door into the quiet and empty hall. She began to make her way to the deck.  

The walk to the deck was uneventful. The only cons she pasted where drones. Witch waved to her as she pasted. Thorn returned the gesture by waving her new left claw. Being able to wave a left limb was euphoric. Heck having again wings was exhilarated. 

'I really need to thank Skockwave for my new limbs ... I really hope they work.'

Thorn  slowed to a stop.

'Why wait to find out. I can test them out now,' with a smile on her face-plate Thorn engaged her transformation functions.

Having been quite some time sense she last transformed Thorn was more than a little rusty. Her first attempt yielded little more than a screeching of her T-cog as it strained to preform the task it had been given and the slight sifting of her plates. The second attempt was a little better not by much though.

'Third times the charm as they say ... wait where did I even learn that. Oh right

 . . . Miko . . .  anyway. Come on body work,' Thorn clenched her fist and claw tight as she focused hard.

Finally her T-cog shook off the rust and powered up. Thorn transformed into a  6 wheel jeep.

'Not what I had in mind, but who cares!'

Thorn revved her engine, grounded her brakes, and floored it. She created several donuts that left pitch black rings on the floor of the Nemeses. With out a care in the world she sped off down the halls, enjoying herself thoroughly, and leaving skid marks every time she turned a corner. Much to the dismay of the poor vehicon's who will now have to "try" and scrub the skid marks off the floor.


Predaking lost track of Thorn in the hallways of the Nemeses. He spent a good half hour trying to find her. By that point however his patience had worn thin. 

'This is ridiculous.' He threw his servos up in the air in out of frustration.

'If she wants me she will come find me on the deck.' With that he made his way to the deck.

Once there he was reminded of Magatron's promise. So Predaking paced across the deck waiting  for his retribution.  As soon as the Autobot medic was no longer useful Megatron had given his word to the predacon that He would have his revenge.  Waiting felt like torture-

*The sound of the platform door opening*

'Speak of Unicron' 

Predaking turned to face the doors. Ratchet was thrown to the predacon's peds. And so began Predaking's Retribution.


Thorn turned the last corner the the door to the deck. She transformed and walked through the doors. Glancing around she could not see Predaking anywhere. All she saw was an unmoving form on the ground that looked oddly familiar.

'Who the scrap is tha . . . wait is that Ratchet?'

Thorn walked over to the mech on the ground.

'Yep, that is definitely the grumpy old medic.'

She stood over him casting a shadow over his helm.

"It your going to scrap me just get it over with," Ratchet said as he slowly opened his optics.

"By the all spark! Thorn? How the frag did you get here?" He winced as he tried to sit up.

'Nice to see you to doc.' Thorn extended her servo to him.

He accepted it somewhat reluctantly. Mindful of his injuries she hauled him to his peds. Ratchet staggered a little, Thorn steadied him, then let him stand on his own. He glances up into her only working optic expecting to find some form of resentment, but found only a mile curiosity.

"why are you here?" Thorn whispered.

"I got captured then then was thrown to the predacon-"


"-he is on his way to try and take out Megatron-"

"WHAT?!?" Thorn shouted.

"-uh . . . he left a few moments ago."

Thorn abruptly turned on her heel. She broke into a sprint. Tried to transform. Her seeker T-cog screeched to life. It sputtered as the rust buildup was burned by the energon rushing through out the wires. Five strides into her sprint Thorn transformed into her aerial form. Her thruster's roared to life propelling her through the air. 

She twisted sideways through the deck door so her wings did not get clipped as it opened to slowly.  Careening down the hallways she only had one thing on her mind.

'Predaking you better not had joined the all spark. It you did I will never forgive you.'

While Thorn desperately searched she ship Predaking had already been offlined.


Chapter end.

Hope you enjoyed.

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I am still working the next two chapters and will finish this story.

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