59. Someone to Kill

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Thanks to @MysticalMoo for the great song suggestion!

I'd hoped to get to Lucky's POV, but realized I needed to insert another Leander chapter first. So you're going to have to wait one more chapter before all hell breaks loose. LOL

Chapter dedicated to Ahyoka-Raeina. Thanks for reading and providing beautifully spoken perspective!

Chapter 59—Someone to Kill


For a moment, my head swam. Where the hell was I?   My pulse thudded like a hammer between my temples. Cracking one eye open slightly, I took in my surroundings.

Oh, yeah...the treehouse.

The dim evening light didn't completely hide the telltale signs of my descent into madness. The place was a mess. Empty liquor bottles littered the floor. Clothing tossed everywhere. I'd clawed through the sheets and destroyed most of the furniture.

Since I'd been released from medical care six weeks ago, I'd given up trying to stay at the pack house. Ever hadn't liked it but even he'd agreed that having a little more space for my Wolf was a good idea. The animal had gone from infinite despair to a bloodthirsty mongrel, not safe to be around other wolves, snapping and biting at the least bit of provocation.

The nearby scrape of boots across the hardwood treehouse floor made me lurch to attention. Claws extended from my fingertips. Coiled and ready to spring, a feral growl ripped from my throat, my Wolf excited at the prospect of tearing into fresh meat.

"It's just me," Ever's voice was low. He'd spoken softly, but the Wolf in his eyes belied his calmness. Spine slightly curled, he wasn't posturing aggression but he was ready for my assault if it happened.

I shrank back, appalled again at how out-of-control I was. I'd been less than a second away from blindly attacking my best friend. "You need to go...I don't want to hurt you...by mistake. You have a pup to think ab..." My voice trailed off, my throat closed tight. I couldn't finish. The loss of what I would never have—a pup with my mate—was too much. My heart constricted to the point where I thought it was going to explode.

Ever scoffed through gritted teeth, "You won't hurt me."

Eyes squeezed shut, I lay back on the bed and took ragged breaths. I wasn't sure I had his confidence in my ability to stop myself before doing something I regretted.

Ever slid his big body down the far wall until he settled on his butt with his elbows resting on his bent knees, making himself smaller, further relaxing my volatile Wolf. My head lolled to the side. I forced my eyes open to look at him.

Ever's acute gaze drifted through the room, assessing every detail. "You need a bath." His nose wrinkled at scents of stale alcohol and sweat.

I snorted.  Of everything I needed, a bath was of least importance.

"I brought you something." He shoved a brown paper bag across the floor. It slid to a halt in front of the bed. "Mimi thinks you need more than just raw meat."

I grunted my appreciation and lifted the bag. Opening the top, I dug through the contents, my sensitive snout detecting the smells of honey-glazed pork chops, mac & cheese, and an applesauce muffin. My stomach rumbled in hungry anticipation. I began with the large container of meat, gripping each pork chop in one big paw and easily stripping the meat from the bone with my canines.

Ever sat silently while I ate. I sensed this was more than just a friendly visit. He had something on his mind and whatever it was, it wasn't good.

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