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Dream seemed to be the only one actually checking the mailbox for more letters, opening it. There were three, all of them saying 'For Everyone'. There was a package beside it. He picked that up as well, it was pretty light, and carried it inside.

Xcellence and Cross seemed to be quizzing each other on their respective AUs to see if they were pure opposites. Nightmare was standing in the corner, back in his corrupted form. Marvul was letting Halluciv snuggle beside him. Everyone in the room were just sitting on the chairs or couch in the living room.

"We have letters." Dream shrugged, sitting down on the far side of the couch. "...and a package."

"I'm concerned that this is already happening." Nightmare said lowly as Dream opened the first letter and read it out loud.

"This is interesting. Who is the shortest of the group? Asked by ChildNekoError." Dream glanced up. "....that's it."

Everyone turned to look at Halluciv, who looked mildly sheepish. Nightmare was the tallest, borderline seven feet with Xcellence at a close second. The rest of the order clearly went Marvul, Cross, Dream, and Halluciv. " physical aging stopped when I ate the dark apples. That's why I'm tiny." Halluciv audibly huffed in annoyance.

Dream opened the second letter. "Entertainment items... Hm, okay, how about this: Who are each of you most afraid of in this mansion? Asked by Mother_Shadow."

"I don't like the implication of what those 'entertainment items are'." Marvul muttered. "Easily nightmare-fuel over there." everyone nodded in agreement, glancing at the energy being that could very easily kill all of them. Almost everyone nodded, anyways.

"Honestly, I'm not really scared of anyone here." Cross shrugged. "I'm used to Nightmare by now. But if I had to pick, I'd go with Dream since he has tried to kill me before."

"I'd have to go with Dream too, although less out of fear and more out of sensible thought of how easily his aura could harm me if he actually tries." Nightmare said shortly. "This is easy."

Dream glanced away guiltily at that and quickly started opening the package, surprised when there was....a board game? There was a note taped to the top of it.

'Hmmm. I dare them to play bean boozeled. -Mindytime'

There was something scribbled below it that was scratched out.

"...I'm just going to give this to you." Dream handed it over to Halluciv since he was the closest. Halluciv set it on the coffee table in response.

"Can't be that bad. Free candy." Cross pointed out. "What could go wrong?"

"This looks disgusting." Xcellence leaned back against the chair Cross was in.

"I am not touching that." Nightmare shook his head. "Even Dream knows I despise sweet things."

"Are you sure? It's our first day here and admittedly I don't want to know what the hell would happen if you didn't do this." Cross asked.

Halluciv started to set the game up. "Might as well. There are probably other stuff to do that we haven't found yet."

Nightmare stood back and watched in slight amusement as Marvul was elected to go first. He muttered something about how stupid this was and spun the spinner.

"You know I don't really like any kind of pudding but I'll gladly take that over dog food." Marvul rolled his eyes and picked up one of the jelly beans from the box. "....I also don't like how these were just sitting here. Do jelly beans expire?"

"We got this a few hours after arriving, it's fiiiiine. Probably." Halluciv shrugged, clearly intent on seeing this go down. "I guess whoever goes the lonest without a bad flavor shall win. Get it over with, Marvy."

Marvul rolled his eyes, ignoring Nightmare's quiet remark about them and nicknames, and ate the rather repulsing jelly bean.

A few moments later, Marvul stood and left the room without another word.

"...I'll take that as dog food." Xcellence seemed amused. Without Marvul to cuddle against, Halluciv moved from the couch to hugging X from the side.

Dream remembered the third letter and opened it to avoid thinking about what the heck that must've tasted like. "What is your most embarrassing memory, and who do you like least in this group? Asked by undertaletrashlit."

"Dream, and how I got my name." Cross mused, leaning against the back of the recliner.

"Getting stuck in a tree." Nightmare clearly didn't like that memory. "And Dream."

"That was fond when it happened...." Dream started and then sighed. "...anytime Ink forgets I'm not a Sans. Everyone here's nice so far, except Nightmare, but I don't have anyone I'd find my least favorite."

"Honestly? I don't really have any embarrassing memories." Xcellence stated, wrapping an arm around Halluciv subconsciously. "As for my least favorite person here....a tie between Marvul since he's kinda a jerk and Nightmare since he's the opposite of Halluciv."

"Marvul's most embarrassing moments are whenever someone thinks his name his Marvel." Halluciv snickered. "It's some weird human thing they like."

"And your most embarrassing moment?" Xcellence smirked.

"Oh, come on...." Halluciv whined. "Whenever I have to go into my passive form..."

"Now I'm just gonna wait until Reaper himself smites me for not playing a damn board game." Nightmare smirked slightly and spread his arms out, as if to emphasize how he wasn't being punished.

"I have a bad feeling about that, actually." Cross muttered, looking fairly concerned.

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