Mr. Popular and I

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By: Thefreakkoffreaks


"I'm the most popular guy in school, girls would kill to be in your place right

now." He smirks, knowing that what he's said is completely and utterly true.

Meet Lea Wilson, the most over organised, hard working and unpopular girl

there is out there. Her family are devastated when their house collapses due

to a house mite attack.

Now, meet River Parker, lead member of 'the three', the egotistic, most good

looking, sexy and popular guys there ever can be. He's the son a wealthy

businessman and lives the high life that some can only dream of.

What happens when River's father, Malcolm, invites the Wilson's to stay at

their mansion of a house when they don't have anywhere else to live for the

time being? What will happen when the worlds of Lea and River collide? It can

either be a disaster, or a miracle.

Follow Lea through her adventure of falling in love, getting her heart broken,

and learning a lesson that explains there is more to life than she's ever


WARNING: Strong Language & Mild Sexual Imagery

Omg, I just absolutely love this. I've seen this advertised on my thread so many times and I've always skipped over it and don't know why!? I feel like I owe an apology, haha. I loveeeee this! I'm always into stories like these and I'm happy I found it, you guys should go read if you haven't yet!


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