8 - The Upside Down : Part 3

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A lot had happened. Joyce and Hopper saved Will's life and got him home safely. They got him to the hospital and he woke up hours later, when he opened his eyes he was greeted with the faces of his family. His mom sitting right next to him, Jonathan next to her and his twin sister Gabbie asleep in her chair. That night Gabbie hugged her brother the hardest she ever have. She missed her brother so much and being apart for a week was too much for the girl to handle, but he was back now and it was over.

When Jonathan went to call in the boys and came back with them, their faces lit up as they hugged him and started telling him stories of what happened during the week the boy was gone. Gabbie sat back, she was happy Will was back, she truly was, but Eleven would not get out her head. She wanted to protect her with everything she had, but she didn't. Eleven was gone while she was still here and it didn't feel right.

That night passed and after a few days Will was let home. His family would not give him space when he first came back, all they wanted to do was be there for him, do anything the boy said, it annoyed him but he was thankful for it. Soon somethings went back to normal. Will didn't go back to school, but Gabbie and Jonathan did. Joyce stayed home with her son during the day and worked nights. She was wasn't going to let him out of her sights. 

While Will was at home, Gabbie was at school and things were not normal for her. For starters she hasn't spoken to Mike since that night. The night Eleven disappeared. At the start he tried to talk to her but she wouldn't respond. He gave up after the first week. Lucas and Dustin always felt the tension whenever they were at AV club or just hanging out at lunch. 

Soon Gabbie became more quite. She would still hang out with the group but she wouldn't say much. Dustin would try and include her in conversations but she would either shrug or shake her head to whatever he asked her. 

At the starts of December, the beginning of winter, Gabbie stopped hanging out with the boys. She just couldn't bare it anymore. She couldn't tell with being in the same group as Mike. She thought about the night every day, just replaying everything that happened in her head. She just couldn't seem to forgive Mike. She just couldn't bring herself to it. So instead of causing pain to herself and to him she decided to leave. The boys couldn't bare with the thought of losing a party member, Lucas and Dustin tried to pled with her, but she just told them 'I just can't do it'. They stopped trying after a few days. She didn't want to cause them any more pain, they didn't deserve it. 

Christmas Eve 1983

The boys, including Will were sitting in the Wheelers basement, finishing up their 10 hour D&D session. They were already auguring about what the dungeon master was going to throw at them next.

"What is it?" Will asks Mike.

"It's the thessalhydra, I'm telling you" Dustin said to him.

"It's not the Thessalhydra" Lucas says calmly as he sits back in his chair.

"I'm tell you, it's the thessalhydra" Dustin says once more. Mike reaches behind his board and slams a piece in the table.

"The tessalhydra" Mike yells at them

"Damn it" Dustin says as Lucas throws his hands up with a sigh.

"It roars in anger! Will, your action!" Mike yells from across the table toWill.

"What should I do?" Will questions the group

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