Evelyn struggled, she kicked, pushed, she even hit Jonah, but he was unaffected by her assaults. “You can’t f-force love!” she struggled to speak.

He snarled. “Well, you better figure a way to love him, soon, because if you ever hurt him again, I swear, I will kill everybody you’ve ever loved. Starting with that human lover of yours.”

He let go of her, and Evelyn’s body toppled over, her head felt faint and light, her vision a little blurred from the lack of oxygen to her brain. “We were engaged,” Evelyn replied sorrowfully. “I’ve loved him since I was a child, and he will always have a place in my heart. True love doesn’t just die, you know?”

“But you can love another, and this time, you will love more passionately,” Jonah replied. “I heard you have a sister, yes?”

She didn’t reply, she just eyed him with terror. “Don’t you dare touch my sister!”

“I can’t make any promises… I know Zayn wants to keep your families alive, but I can hurt them without killing them…” He smirked. “You would hate it if something happened to your sister, wouldn’t you?”

“I will personally drive a stake through your heart if you so much as touch her hair!” she hissed. She wanted to stand up and punch him again, but her head was still faint, and she doubt she could even stand without the help of the wall. She could almost feel a bruise forming in the shape of Jonah’s hand.

She hated that feeling.

She hated feeling weak and unable to defend herself.

She was sick and tired of being kept in the dark, isolated and scared… She wanted to be strong, able to defend herself.

Jonah glared down at the girl on the floor, the human girl who had broke his maker’s heart so many times and single handedly paved the path of destruction for one of his closest friends. He felt nothing but hatred for her. But the sight of his fingerprints around her neck sparked a sense of guilt from within him. Sure, he hated Evelyn. In his eyes, she was stupid, reckless… and stupid, but she was still the object of his master’s affections.

The guilt wasn’t caused by Evelyn’s pain, Jonah couldn’t care less about Evelyn and her well beings, but he was feeling guilty for hurting the girl his master cared about. Zayn really loved Evelyn, and Jonah worshiped Zayn—like so many others—he would die for Zayn without a second of hesitation. And he knew, he wasn’t the only one. There were countless of people all over the world who would give their lives for Zayn… In their eyes, he was a god-like creature who had brought forward era of prosperity for the supernatural…

But these people? They think the way they do because they had no regard to humanity or the humans. In their eyes, humans were just… food. Easily breed animals without souls.

“Let him kiss you,” Jonah muttered after a few moments of silence. “Or just let him hold you. Stop resisting and let him pretend you feel some kind of positive emotion for him… I’ve never seen him this broken before, and it hurts not just me, but every one of the Royals. He is like our father. His pain is our pain.”

Evelyn looked away. Jonah’s brought some kind of sympathy from deep within her. She saw a lot of Zayn in him, and taking everything else he had said out of context, she could kind of empathize where he was coming from.

She would feel the same thing if she was in Jonah’s shoes and Nora was Zayn. She would want the guy Nora loved to love her back… But, Zayn had done too many unspeakably cruel things to her. His need for control and possessiveness over her was impossible to bear.

What he had for her, it wasn’t love, it was an obsession. Crazy, dark and completely dangerous obsession that terrified Evelyn.

Could I ever love him? She asked herself. Could I ever care, or even forgive him?

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