Chapter 73

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Contrary to what Jonah believed, Evelyn was smart. She knew what had happened to the girl…

“The better it will be, for everyone,” Jonah repeated himself to emphasis the point.

Evelyn said nothing.

Her hands twitched.

A image of she impaling Zayn with a long, sharp stake flashed before her eyes.



Evelyn closed her eyes, tried to keep herself from crying. Guilt, sorrow and self-hatred rapidly swarmed around her like a whirlwind. Oxygen left her lungs. A nauseated feeling tumbled at the pit of her stomach.

“H-he did this to her?” she breathed. Her gaze dropped to the ground, unable to look at the girl or Jonah any longer. “B-because of me?”

Jonah smirked before roughly pushing the servant onto the wooden floor. She let out a yelp as her body clashed with the ground, the noise was like a knife to Evelyn’s heart. She immediately dropped to her knees to help the girl up, but she avoided Evelyn’s touch like the plague. The servant girl backed away from the girl who was kind enough to offer help, inching towards Jonah. There were fear in the servant’s eyes… The girl looked up at Jonah, silently asking for permission to leave.

“You may go,” he replied, and the girl walked away so quickly, she was half running.

“I-I didn’t know…” Evelyn muttered under her breath. “I didn’t know he was hurting…” she took a deep breath. “Was she the only one, or…?”

“Zayn has every woman in the palace at his disposal, do you really think one scrawny little human girl is enough to satisfy him?” Jonah huffed. “Of course she wasn’t the only one. Ever since you escaped with Ethan, he had probably ravished every human girl in this palace, and a lot from the city as well… When you decided to run away from him, something within him snapped. You broke his heart! How dare you humiliate and betray him like that!”

“I didn’t betray him!” Evelyn screamed, her hands trembling with anger as she rose to her feet. “I didn’t betray him! To betray him will mean I have some kind of commitment towards him, which I don’t! And I broke his heart? He stole my virginity, raped me, abused me and stole everything I’ve ever cared for from me! He completely degraded me from a human being to his possession… No one should live like this! This isn’t right! He’s a crazy, delusional monster and”—she was cut off.

Jonah’s hand was around Evelyn’s neck in a fraction of a second. His eyes dangerously dark, his expression menacing. “I want to kill you,” he hissed. “Zayn saved my life. He gave me my everything. He had saved hundreds of thousands of lives! I owe my life to him, Harry owe his life to him, Marcus owe his life to him… All of the Royals owe their lives to him. Earth would be nothing but a nuclear wasteland if it wasn’t for him. He saved everything! He’s the King. He has dominion over you, you are his! And all he wants is your love!”

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