The Last Philosopher

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Author: nickfeast

Genre: Fantasy/comedy 

The cover is quite attention-grasping and it fits the mood and plot of the story quite well. I'm not too fond of the fonts that were used in the wording on the title, but the rest of the cover is very interesting. The title is a nice fit for the story, and its meaning becomes clear very early on.

A wide variety of vocabulary words is used throughout the story and it all connects quite well. The explanations are detailed and contain hints of dry humor and subtle jokes. The tone of the story is consistently very comedic and entertaining, and it blends very nicely with the plot and string of events. 

I generally keep an eye out for as many grammar errors as I can find, but I wasn't able to find any punctuation, spelling, or overall grammar mistakes. It is clear that you spent lots of time writing and proofreading so that no errors could be pinpointed. The style of writing is also quite unique and entertaining to the audience, and it flows much more smoothly than I expected!

The pace of the story is never too fast nor too slow, and it remains very consistent throughout. The story as a whole is quite attention-grasping and it is appealing to a large variety of audiences. It holds a variety of hidden jokes that are hilarious to several different ages, and they offer quite a bit of comedic relief. 
I didn't notice any plot holes or areas where the story stopped flowing. However, some sections seemed to be dragged a bit longer than necessary. For example, "How, is that the question?" Doesn't need to be so long and deliberate, as it contains much information that was already mentioned previously. Despite this, your explanations were very thorough and it did give the audience a bit of additional information on Zig Zig. However, this probably could have been worked into your earlier sections. 

The characters are nicely developed, and I love how the story is told from a narrative viewpoint rather than directly from the characters' points-of-view. The characters are very clearly and elaborately described in a humorous manner. The audience is never given too much information, and the details are provided at a smooth pace. The characters each have interesting personalities and the audience grows to like them very early on in the story. 

I enjoyed this story quite a bit, and I was genuinely surprised by the plot and the writing style. The writing, the characters, and the plot made the story very entertaining, funny, and incredibly unique. I am excited to continue reading and to see what happens later in the story!

*Analysis is based on the first 5 chapters

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