Chapter Three

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Duncan was placed on the first flight to London. Yes London. Eight hours away from America. This should be fun.


When Duncan arrived at the school the next morning and as soon as he walked inside his body immediately went numb. He was extremely nervous, and the place was huge. The room he had entered was about twenty degrees Fahrenheit, Duncan shivered and made his way to the front desk. The lady smiled.

"You must be Duncan Carmichael." The woman says.

"How'd you-"

"I'm Mrs. Mortem, I'm the headmaster." The woman cuts Duncan off.

"Um, nice to meet you I guess." Duncan mumbles

"I've assigned you a room with Sammy Frost. Unfortunately he's sick at the moment so you might want to wear this." Mrs. Mortem hands Duncan a little hospital mask and Duncan put it on as Mrs. Mortem led him to his room. Mrs. Mortem knocked on the door slightly and opened it. Duncan heard a boy cough. They walked inside and Duncan saw a boy with messy blonde hair laying in his bed, he looked horribly sick.

"Sammy this is Duncan Carmichael he's your new roommate." Mrs. Mortem says. The boy, Sammy, nods in hello.

"I'll leave you to unpack." Mrs. Mortem says to Duncan. "Classes start at nine o'clock sharp tomorrow morning. Your uniform is in the closet."

Mrs. Mortem exits the room and Sammy immediately stands up.

"You can take that mask off. Between you and I I'm not actually sick, I just need an excuse to not take my English test." Sammy says, he has a strong British accent. Duncan removes the mask and sits his bags down beside the extra bed across the room. Duncan looks around the room before sitting on the bed.

"So, is this place better than normal schools or worse?" Duncan asks

"It really depends on how you look at it. If you want to fit in I recommend trying out for an after classes activity, like archery, chess, sports." Sammy says and sits back on his bed.

"Any advice on not being someone everyone hates? Because I have a talent for making that happen." Duncan says and Sammy laughs.

"Don't we all?" Sammy laughs again. "My advice is to just be yourself. If there's anything that the people at this school hate is someone that pretends to be someone that they aren't."

"I can do that." Duncan says

"I have a question for you now." Sammy says


"What happened to your eye?" Sammy asks

"School fight. Some guy punched me because he thought I was looking at his girlfriend." Duncan says


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