So, I've gotten some good feedback on my first behind the scenes chapter about the writing of Saving My Heart. I thought I'd add a follow up, to give you more of what it was like to write it and the continued rewrites. So, here goes on why writers write and how Saving My Heart plays into my writing story.

I think a story is a growing thing. You finish the first draft, and then keep adding to it until you feel it is complete. I've been working on this story for 3 years now, and it keeps growing into it's own beast. I finished a first draft that made it more of a novella at the end of 2015. Gave it a year to breath, and then have been adding to its length over the last two years. Slowly, it grew into a full length novel of about 65K or 65,000 words. Books are not measured in chapters or pages, but word count, since pages and length can vary whether it is a print book or read as an ebook later.

Whether I'm happy with it or not is an ongoing process. I am most likely going to self-publish it since I've been self-publishing a lot of my work since 2007. I have several children's books, with a forth coming last book in my series hopefully within a month. I have to figure out the formatting for print.

You see, in self-publishing, you have to do everything yourself or hire out stages. I hire an developmental editor, copy editor, cover designer, and have a PR person that works with me on Facebook. I have submitted to traditional publishers, but have been rejected in all the projects I've submitted. Does it mean my books are bad? Um. No. I've figured out it all has to do with whether they can market it well or not. Most of my books are niche or specialized, where there might not be as big as a draw. I also write paranormal romance mostly, but like to dabble in contemporary. So, I tend to think out of the box a lot.

Why would a story on Wattpad be good to self-publish? Well, a lot of traditional publishers don't want a story that is already on the internet. They want something that hasn't been seen yet. The only exception are the books that have millions and millions of reads. They have a built in audience that the publisher might want to tap into. So, that leaves the little stories that are good but don't have tons of reads to fend for themselves.

But I do love this story. It came from the heart and from my recovery. It embodies some personal experiences that morphed into the story. So, it was a a joy to write and helped me a lot as I went through the process. To see it out there finally for other people to read would be fantastic. I have a following of people that read my ebooks and print books. I recently was at The Romantic Times Book Lovers Conference in Reno, NV in May, and had a person come up to me at the Paranormal Genre Party and say I was her favorite author. I think that made the whole effort of going there worth it.

Which brings me back to why would an author write? Well, it's for the readers, in which I am one myself. I think I'm the biggest reader of my work since I would totally read my own books. In fact, the only difference between you and me is that I have a blank page I start reading and I have to add words before I can read it.

I've been working on a kpop romance original story that I just finished. I'm very excited about it since I would totally read it, and was looking forward to the rewrites/rereads before I wrote more each day. I always go back and reread what I wrote the day before to proof it and remember what I'd done so I can continue. Each day I looked forward to reading more of the book. If I look forward to my reading/rewrites, I know I'm doing some good writing. ;-)

So, hopefully this gives you more of an idea of my writing process and how "Saving My Heart" played into my whole writing career. If I do self-publish, it is going to be most likely out next year. I paid for the cover you see here on Wattpad. It would just be a matter of getting a print cover made, hire an editor, and go to town on the rewrites. I do have some scenes that I didn't include, mainly more spicy, hot scenes between Peter and Julie, that are not in the Wattpad edition right now. I would add those to the self-pubbed edition. You never know, maybe it would be a best seller.

If you would be interested in seeing "Saving My Heart" as a self-published edition, let me know in the comments below. Or of course, whatever you thought about the book would be fine too. I read all of the comments.

And again, thank you for reading!

Note: The covers I'm using in the Behind the Scenes are past covers used for this story that I have since used upgraded replacements. The current cover is the final cover now. ;-)


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