Chapter 16 (A Relationship)

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Taehyung's POV~~~

If I said I was happy that would be an understatement. I was beyond ecstatic, the girl I have liked for 3 months had finally returned my feelings. I could still feel her lips on mine. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I should now finally ask her out. I gathered all my courage before speaking up."Miss (Y/N) would you like to be my girlfriend?"

Your POV~~~

I couldn't believe my ears. The person I liked for 3 months had finally asked me out. I was too happy for a normal person. I still didn't trust my voice but vigorously nodded my head while smiling brightly.

Tae after seeing my approval kissed me again. He devoured my lips hungrily and I kissed back with the same need. I think we both liked each other since the beginning but were scared to confess.

As I pulled away, I asked him something that turned his smile into a frown. "But we have to figure out many things currently. Most importantly why did Jungkook lied?"

He just nodded his head not believing that his best friend could do something like that. But neither could I believe. "Tae I have a plan." He perked up his ears after those words.

"That's a great idea!" Tae praised after listening to it. "But before executing it we first need to go on a date today."

I blushed at his straightforwardness. "Okay," I said while looking down because of shyness. He lifted my face by his finger and placed a peck on my lips. "Don't be so shy." He whispered before taking my hand and started to walk.


We both decided to spend the afternoon together and Tae actually took me on a date. He was so nice and caring. We went to an amusement park because he loves them, so do I. We rode many rollercoasters there and played games in the arcade there.

We then went to eat in a small restaurant who served unbelievably delicious food at cheap price. We are currently in our favorite park sitting near the lake, eating ice cream. Though this park brings bad memories in order to wash them away we should make good ones.

I finished my ice cream and threw the cup in the dustbin. Then I turned to Tae who was already staring me with eyes full of love. "If there wasn't this much drama it would have been perfect. We both sitting like this."

I knew he was very upset about Jungkook's actions, so was I but not more than him. Jungkook was his best friend for years. They spent all the happy times together and made awesome memories. Tae loved him so much, even more than his own brother. But what he did breaks Tae's heart full of love and care for everyone.

"It's Okay Tae. Everyone one commits mistakes and he did that as well. He is young and he doesn't realize what he has done. But I assure you once he realizes his mistake he will ask for forgiveness and you have to promise me you would forgive him because I would."

I already hold out my pinky to him. Tae smiled warmly and intertwined both of our pinky fingers. Then he leaned in, I smiled widely knowing what was coming. But that didn't happen.

He just brushed his lips against mine and went back to were he was sitting before. I was dumbfounded, like what just happened? But then I realized, he was teasing me! I put away my urge to kiss him.

Two can play this game, mister.

I just smirked after I got the idea. "Tae it's getting late, I need to go home," I said smiling as if nothing happened. He was a little surprised because I wasn't angry by his actions. But little did he know

I will turn his game against him.*evil laugh*

He nodded after listening to what I want and stood up. We both walked and I acted as if there was no teasing thing between us. I talked to him about our childhood and laughed as well.

He was still amazed that how could I be reacting this way. We then reached my house. "Thanks for today Tae, it was certainly the best day of my life!" I said beaming with happiness.

Tae just laughed at my childishness. "Bye," I said after that and kissed the corner of his lips in a teasing manner. Huh now know how it feels. And then turned away before I change my mind and kiss him instead of just teasing.

I already saw his expression darken after my small action. He just seemed as he literally wanted to kiss me for hours without stopping for a second. Ha! Tae you got the revenge.

I was currently in the porch going to my door, with frozen Tae behind me. As I was about to reach the door, I was yanked back. I saw the darkness in the eyes of my boyfriend.

"Desperate are we?" I sarcastically said. "Yes, a lot." I was surprised at his sudden confession. Then he dragged me to the back of my house, which was completely deserted.

I looked at him scared. "You started that, now deal with it." "Well technically you started the entire thing --" My words were cut off as he kissed me. "And I can't wait to end it." He said while smirking evilly.

He then kissed me with all his might. When I ran out of the air, I push him a little. I don't know how his breath was still not that ragged.

He then started kissing me on the jawline, trailing on my neck. I could feel him sucking a spot, I knew that tomorrow I have to apply a lot of make-up in order to hide his deeds.

He then smiled satisfyingly at his work and kissed me again. Like seriously, where does he get this strength from?

After the small make out session which involved tongues going in a frenzy, and mouths hungrily devouring each other, we both separated. Oh boy, this was rough but I still love it.

We both touched our foreheads with each other and stayed like this for a few seconds. "I like you" "I like you too." And we both just smiled then.

"So now may I go, my Lord!" I asked though I wanted to stay so badly. He gives me his boxy smile and his goofy character returned as if he was not a desperate, hungry, beast a few seconds ago. "Sure my lady!" He said bowing.

I then just gave him a quick hug and ran to the front of my house. I quickly ran to my room as I entered the house because I don't want anyone seeing my hickey. I looked in the mirror to see the hickey.

Damn, he is desperate!

I reminded myself to be more aware next time near him. Then I quickly showered and laid on my bed. When the maid came asking for dinner, I politely rejected as I already had dinner with Tae.

This was indeed the best day of my life!

With that, I drifted off to my dreamland wishing to dream about him. And what is worst is the fact I am still blushing while remembering everything we had done today.

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