Chapter 15 (Unpredictable Meeting)

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Taehyung's POV~~~

It has been an entire week thinking about the situation going on the city. I had been worrying myself all week long. Each day I have nightmares and always wake up sweating like hell. All of them are about my bad deeds. But I came to realize that the problem would not be able to be solved by just sitting here and doing nothing. I have to do something, I have to talk to (Y/N).

After breathing in the fresh air of my hometown, I came to acknowledge the fact that I really like (Y/N) and real love involves being happy in other person's happiness. Therefore I will be happy in her happiness with Kook. But I swear if Kookie does anything wrong to her then he would have to fight me!

I also realized the fact that in order to move on I have to talk to (Y/N) properly and then sort my feelings out. I want to go back to town. I miss all my brothers very much, though I am sure they will ask me what happened and I have yet to prepare an excuse for them. My chain of thoughts was broken when the bus stopped in front of me. It was the bus to Seoul, I am finally going to face everyone rather than running away from them.

^^^ 3 Hours Later ^^^

The bus stopped and I arrived at the bus station in Seoul. It feels nice to breathe in the familiar air. It is 1:30 pm now and the school gets over at 2:00 pm, so I should go there first and look what everyone is doing and then I will quickly reach our house and surprise them.

I left the bus station as quickly as possible and went to school. I was in the street in that is joined by the back door of the school. As no one uses it so I can easily get in a follow them. As I was about to get out of my hiding spot where I planned everything, I saw two familiar faces. (Y/N) and Jungkook...

I already knew they were dating and all but seeing them laugh together made my heart ache. I really fell hard for this girl. I backed up and ran away not wanting to see them now. I first needed to give myself a scolding on letting them live there life.

I just went where my legs took me and you know where they took me? The park where I played with (Y/N). I sat behind that small hill, which I once used to call the mountain, and cried my heart out.

Your POV~~~

Jungkook and I were again going for eating ice cream today, still, we lied to his hyungs. I don't know why today I wanted so badly to meet Tae. My very small crush on Jungkook was fading because of it. I just feel to do nothing today.

"Jungkook, I am not feeling well today can I go home?" I said after eating ice cream. Today Jungkook and I had planned to go to BTS's place but my mind was a completed mess now.

"Oh Ok! Are you fine by the way." I smiled "Yeah yeah, just a headache." "Ok, I'll walk you home now." And with that, we both started walking to my house.

Jungkook nowadays has a different expression like he is controlling something or he is taming himself. I don't know what he wants and at least I don't wanna find it now. My thoughts and emotions are all over the place currently.

As we reached home I bid him goodbye and went in. I quickly showered and then ate a small snack. I was now ready to nap but the problem was I was not getting sleepy. My mind kept running like crazy so I decided to do homework. But I couldn't concentrate on that even.

I needed a break from everything going on. I felt a need to breathe in fresh air and so I walked where my legs took me. It was the same park where I first met Tae and developed a liking towards him.

Oh! This was what my brain wanted. I quickly sat in front of the small hill and laughed lightly to myself when I remembered Tae calling it a mountain. I suddenly heard some sobbing noises. The voice was kind of familiar but I couldn't specify whom.

In order to help some poor person I walked at the back of them but my eyes widened "T-t-taehyung..." What in world is he doing here, crying?

His eyes also widened and suddenly came to my feet "P-p-please don't call the police! I-i-i am leaving!!!" I was shocked "Why would I call the police?" But my question was ignored "I am sorry please forgive me" He was currently begging I don't know what for.

I sat down, grabbed his shoulders and picked him up from bowing on the ground. "What happened Tae?" I said sternly. "I am sorry" "for God's sake Tae please stop apologizing and tell what are you apologizing for?" I was losing my calm after seeing him like this.

"I didn't have any i-i-intention to take a-a-advantage of you in this park. Neither I wanted to s-s-stalk you. I am really sorry if I did that. I am stupid! Please don't h-h-hate me!" I was so shocked seriously, but this misunderstanding needed to be cleared.

I cupped his face and make him look at me. "You didn't take advantage of me neither you stalked me. Who said that to you? And lastly, why would I hate you?" "Your boyfriend told me everything," he said looking down. "My boyfriend?" "Yeah Jungkook" "He is not my boyfriend!" I was angry. I liked Tae and he is saying Jungkook is my boyfriend.

But then I realized we were talking about something else. I felt him trembling as I was cupping his face. "Who told you Jungkook is my boyfriend?" I said with no emotion at all. "I saw you both kissing, and then Jungkook also told me that. He also told me that you hate me because I stalked you and tried to take your advantage."

Tae was shaking terribly and I was shocked. "Do you remember doing any such thing?" "No," he said looking down as if the ground was the most interesting thing. "Then you didn't do any such thing! I don't HATE you!" I said angrily. "And about the kiss, HE kissed ME forcefully, I tried to push him away but he didn't even budge! I even rejected him on the same spot!"

"But why? Jungkook loves you!" "But I don't love him!" Tae looked up at me with shock in his eyes due to my sudden outburst. Now I couldn't control or hold myself back anymore.

I crashed my lips onto his. I kissed him softly but passionately, showing him all the feelings that I have for him through a kiss because I really don't trust my voice or even words at this point. He was very shocked at first but then, he kissed me back much more passionately as if he had been holding back all that time. He also showed me his emotions in the kiss. This kiss was soft at first but then became rough and needy, as the seconds passed.

We both stopped when we were out of all oxygen in our lungs. I was still cupping his face so I touched his forehead with mine, savoring the moment we both shared, loving each and every bit of it.

"I like you (Y/N)"

"I like you too Tae"


Ohh A romantic chapter. Well, I am not that good at romance so bear with me ;-)

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