Eros casted his blue eyes down on the young girl before him. She was clearly intimidated by his presence. It wasn’t every day that a god-like man just walked up to an ordinary girl and struck up a conversation. She was very hesitant to meet his eyes.

Still, Eros remained encouraging while he flashed a perfect smile. He just needed this girl to work up the courage to greet him.

“Hi,” she finally mumbled weakly. Her voice cracked with her words and her cheeks turned a dark shade of red. She was a thin and fragile brunette girl. She was moderately attractive and clearly shy. That could’ve been an issue later on in the case.

“Hello,” Eros began softly. He had never once taken his eyes off of her but in that moment he glanced around. They were present in a simple park. It was filled with families enjoying their afternoon. They were seated on a simple wooden bench. The young girl before him had a book in hand, but she had set it aside after marking her place. She pushed some loose strands of her hair out of her face.

“Um,” she said unsure. “May I help you?”

Eros’s eyes moved back toward her face as she spoke. The girl’s eyes moved down to her own lap, but she continually snuck peeks at the man next to her. She had no idea what a man like him could possibly want with her.

“How are you this fine evening?” Eros wanted her to relax. She was clearly on edge. This was unusual for her clearly.

“I’m doing well,” she responded quietly. “Just getting some fresh air while reading a book.”

“What book?”

The Mist,” she replied as she glanced over at the item at hand.

“By Stephen King,” Eros agreed. “A new release, if I’m not mistaken and a good read at that.”

“I think so,” she agreed bringing their conversation to a halt. This man didn’t seem so bad to her. He was being nice enough to her. She just didn’t understand why.

“Do you enjoy romance novels?” Eros asked suddenly. She was beginning to release her tension around him. A good sign indeed.

She nodded slowly. “They are not my favorite but I do enjoy them.”

“And what of the romance in your life?”

At this question, she blushed again. Was he flirting with her? Impossible. A man of his stature would never go for a plain girl like her. Still, she found herself answering.

“Oh, there is none.”

Eros nodded expectantly. The next few steps in his process were easy. A few more questions about love and what a potential mate could have in store for her, and she would be ready to point in the right direction. Eros worked slowly with his cases. He didn’t rush love. He wanted it to happen as naturally as possible and with as little interference from him as possible.

He wanted to steer the conversation to the people present in the park. Then he would point out a certain man or two nearby leaving the impression that one would be better than the other. He would leave wishing for her to have a wonderful day and move away to watch what would become of the couple. The girl would walk over to the man Eros had subconsciously said to. Then from there, the magic would happen on its own. Eros would watch over the case making sure the seed he had planted would bloom into a beautiful and lasting romance.

Only now, there was an obstacle in his life that prevented him from working that way.

“Excuse me?”

Eros and the girl glanced over at a tall stranger. He had a gentle smile on his face and only had eyes for the girl. She didn’t seem to recognize him and all the sudden attention returned the strong red color to her cheeks. Eros did know who this man was. Not personally, but he knew. This was the girl’s soul mate.

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