Chapter 5: The kiss

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It's like 3 in the morning where I am when I'm writing this so hi and I'm sorry if there's a lot of spelling stuff messed up and stuff cuz I'm really tired

Jace pov

  Me, clary, and Izzy all walk to the training facility. We decided me and clary would fight with no weapons, just using our hands, and whoever wins gets to fight Izzy.
  I put my guard up. "Are you ready to get beaten by a girl, pretty boy." Clary says smack talking me. "I'm sorry Clary- but Jace is the best fighter I've ever met. You're in over your head." Izzy says standing off to the side watching us walk in circles waiting for one to do something. Clary looks over to her and scoffs as she gives her a look that says bet.
  She throws a punch while I was distracted, looking away at Izzy, but luckily I have fast reflexes and scooted back just in time. I can see her getting feisty as she is bouncing on her feet. She really does think she can beat me, doesn't she?
  I pull her wrist and twist it as I pin it to her back as I kick behind her knee cap. Her leg gives out as she falls to the floor, but not fully, as she is trying to stay up with her other leg.
  She stands on her good leg and throws the hurt one to my face as she whips it through the air. Smash. Right in my face. As this caught me off guard, she uses that few seconds of time, to somehow get me into a head lock.
  She is holding me in a headlock while she jabs her knee into my stomach over and over again. She lets go and I can barely stand. I stumble but the catch my balance.
  All she does is swiftly move up her hand and swipe it right across my face and that was enough to get me knocked on the ground once and for all.
  I laying there holding my stomach but not looking like a baby as I sit up so I don't embarrass myself. I see her scoff and go over to her things to grab a stele. She gets on her knee and sits next to me, grabbing my arm trying to find a spot and putting an iratze rune on me, while no braking the eye contact.
  All of a sudden I hear claps from the corner of the room and I remember that Izzy was there watching us fight. "Wow... someone actually did it." Izzy says smiling looking impressed.
  "Your turn?" Clary says finally breaking the eye contact with me a smirking at Izzy. "Bring it on." Izzy says smiling putting her hands on her hips.

20 minuets later

  Izzy is on the ground with blood all over her teeth and coming out oh her mouth. Clary get her good. But I could tell even that was holding back for her. I wonder what she would be like if she weren't.
  Izzy's tough though. You could tell she was in pain but she stands up and spits the blood out up her mouth. She looks at Clary, "you're good, I'll give that." She says wiping the blood off her mouth. "But one day I'll beat you." She says smiling at Clary as she picks up her stuff and walks to the door. "Y'all have fun. I'm going out to eat to takis with Alec." Izzy says and turns to leave.
Clary pov

  "Y'all have fun. I'm going out to eat to takis with Alec." Izzy says turning to leave. Alec. I think of how when I first met him he had a stern and protective look of not only Izzy but Jace also.
  And how the second time I met him the way he looked at Jace. It was quite obvious he had feelings for him. Does he love him? I wouldn't say that. But he definitely has strong feelings for him and I know for a fact he would do anything for him.
  "Wanna go again?" Jace says looking at me. I nod and put my guard up. "1..2...3...go" Jace says and charges at me and knocks me to the ground. He was really going for it. I am on the ground but decide to take him down with me but tripping him and we are both laying on the ground laughing at each other.
  He nudges me laughing and I get on top of him. My legs are on each side of him as we both suddenly stop laughing and I notice how close we both are. Only a few inches away. If i could just lean- but my thoughts get thrown out of my head as he smashes his lips onto mine. 
  We suddenly are passionately kissing each other on the ground as he throws me off of him and lays on top of me planting soft kisses on my neck and jawline.
  Alec suddenly pops into my head. Oh god, Alec. I am pushed out of my thoughts as we here someone enter the room so we both jump apart.
  Izzy was standing there smiling. "Sorry... I left my car keys here." She says giggling to herself as she picks them up and leaves. I turn to him and see he's already looking at me. "I should- go." I say and grab my stuff and walk out.
  I know I shouldn't feel bad for kissing him. Or did he kiss me? It was all kind of a blur. But I can't get Alec out of my head.
  I barely know any of them and I already am screwing things up. Stop Clary. They aren't like Valentine. They aren't gonna do those things. You're okay. You're okay. You're okay.

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