Chapter 1: The Office {Edited}

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|It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible and entirely ignored.|

Grace's Pov:

I was now walking to my dad's office. Today everyone was quite busy in their work. My dad, Rick Silver was a famous businessman. He never mixed his personal life with his profession and that what makes him where he was now.

I knocked on the door and heard a faint come in. I entered in and saw Rick looking at the files on his table.

"Nix I told you to check everything before coming here. Why the hell is everything mess up?" Rick asked angrily. His assistant Nix tensed and fear could be seen on his face.

"S-sorry I did check i-i guess some were misplaced." He said his voice wavy. Even for his 3 years of service here, he was still scared of him. I mean who wouldn't. He talked a bit harshly to everyone whether it's in the office or at home.

Nix turned to leave and when he saw me, he gave me a weak smile. I smiled back and walked to Rick.

"Grace, did you get the file?" He asked in his business model. He was always in his business model.

"Yes Sir, all information is here and if there is something missing Mr Ben asked you to call him and informed him," I said in the same monotone voice.

"What do you mean by if there is something missing? You had to check everything before coming here! That's what is expected of you." He snapped and I inwardly sighed.

Here we go again.

"I can check it again-"

"No! Let it I will do it. Go and reserve a table for Mr Ben and me at the nearest restaurant for one o'clock." He ordered and I nodded. I turned to leave but when I reached the door he stopped me.

"Be home by six o'clock we need to talk." He said not looking up from the file.

"Yes Sir," I said and closed his door. Once I am out I breath out in relieve.

"He is in his snappy mood isn't he?" I turned around and saw Noah. Noah was one of my friends in the office and he was also my Rick's driver. He had brown eyes and dark black hair.

"Like always," I replied as we both walked to my cabin.

"Anyway do you want me to bring you something for lunch. Your break is nearly over but still, you didn't take it and I know you are hungry." He stated and I nodded.

He was right I was hungry. I did not have time to eat breakfast in the morning since I had to be in the office at six to fix some meetings. When I was going to finally have my break, I was asked to prepare the file that I just gave to Rick.

"Yes, please. I won't be able to go out, I need to book a table at the restaurant for a meeting." I sight and he nodded.

"Of course what do you want to eat. I will go and grab it. I am still free till Mr Boss want to go out." He chuckled and I rolled my eyes.

"Anything would be fine." I shrugged and he nodded. He went outside while I went back to work. My phone rang and when I looked at the ID, I saw my mom, Samantha calling. I ignored the call and continued the booking as it was more important.

It was quite hard to book it as the restaurant was the most visited place and all the booking was over. Knowing Rick he always likes his meeting to be held there. Thankfully the manager agreed and book one for Rick.

My phone rang again and I sighed. I took it knowing that Samantha won't stop till I took it.

"Hello," I said

"I know you were ignoring my call young lady and let me tell you this isn't nice. Anyway, come home as soon as you finished with your dad. There is a dinner and you need to get ready. I don't want you to put our image in shame you got it?" She stated and I inwardly sighed.

"Yes, I will be there." I hang up before she could reply. My family and I did not share the most perfect relationship. Samantha was always concerned about her status and image while Rick contently work. They barely showed any affection toward me but now I was used to it, after all, I lived 20 years with them.

After 15 minutes, I was done. The meeting was in about 10 minutes which mean I would be free later.

"Here come your food ma'am," Noah said entering the cabin and I smiled at him.

"Thanks." I picked up the sandwich- which he knew I loved- and started to eat it.

"So when will Rick go out?" He asked sitting on the edge of the desk.

"In 10 minutes get ready for a boring ride." I chuckled.

"It's always boring with him that's why I like to go with you." He smirked and I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah cause you find it very funny when that old man flirts with me," I said sarcastically and he laughed hard.

Such a good friend I have...

"Your face is always worth seeing through." He said sobering up a little. He calmed down and looked at me again. I knew he will laugh again just by thinking about it.

I finished my sandwich and throw away the wrapping. I clean the table and arranged for my workplace. I hate when it's messed up.

"Well, I need to go. The meeting starts in 5 minutes. See you soon Gracie bear." He said using the nickname he made for me and I chuckled.

"See you, Noah."

I grabbed my notebook and grabbed my handbag in my arm letting it swing freely as I walked. I went near Nix and found him in his cabin. His cabin was messed up, with papers everywhere. He was typing really fast on his laptop.

"Nix inform Mr.Silver that his meeting is in 3 minutes," I said and he snapped his head up.

"Shit! He told me to inform him 5 minutes before we have to leave." He hurriedly stood up.

"Nix relaxed," I ordered and he nodded. He breathes in and out calming himself and made his way to Rick's office.

Since now I was free I walked to my house. It was a bit far but I like walking. It was only 3 o'clock and many people were still walking around.


Love ya

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