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I walk to Noah's room and see he lied down a bunch of blankets and pillows. I smile at how generous Noah is. He walk out of the bathroom and sit down by me. "I'll take the floor you can go up there." He says looking up at the bed. "Are you sure?" He just nods. I smile and lie down in the bed.
~time skip to morning brought to you to by my Rolling Stones shirt)~
Still ur POV
I woke up. I was facing the wall. I reach for my phone to check the time but then I find out that I can't move. There is a pair of arms wrapped around me. I slightly turn around to see a sleeping Noah. I smile to myself. Once then I get a text from Kendall
Kendall💍: What are you two Doing in there? It's almost 12:30!!!!
Ugh. Great we over slept. I slide out if Noah's grip and gently shake him and he pulls me back down with his hands on my waist. I laugh and tell him "Noah cmon we have to get up." "Okay okay fine" we get up and walk down the stairs together. We get a look from Finn and Caleb. "What?" We both day in sync. "Nothing!" They both say in sync. By now it was 1:00 and we were all in the kitchen talking and then Millie runs in here and immediately hugs Noah. I felt jealousy as he hugged back. We all look over and see she's crying. "What's the matter!" Noah asks. "J-Jhonny h-he broke up with me." She sobs into his shoulder. (A/n let's pretend like Millie was dating Johnny Orlando. Ok? Ok. Bc I have an idea w Jacob alright? Alright.) "hey hey hey it's okay. It's going to be okay." Noah tells her. Wait didn't Noah like me? I mean we made out how could he like Millie I mean they are best friends. Does he like me does sh- "y/n!" I hear Taylor interrupt my thoughts. "Meet me upstairs?" She says. I slowly nod not look at her in the eye. I walk upstairs and she closes the bathroom door. "What's wrong?" She Ask. everything
"Nothing!" I say with a fake smile. She looks at me and raises an eyebrow. "Okay. The truth is I think I'm.. jealous." She smiles And shakes her head. "Why? Is because of Millie and Noah?"
I nod
"Okay well calm down. She lost her boyfriend and just needed her best friend at the moment. Remember when Cole broke up with me? I went right to you because your my best friend. Okay. See it's okay. Noah likes you. A lot." She smiles and I let out a small laugh. She grabs my hand and we go back down stairs
Noah's POV
When Millie was in my arms I felt bad. Not only for her but for y/n too. She was just sitting there watching us. She went upstairs with Taylor and the boys just gave me a look that was like I messed up. I didn't do anything bad right. Right!?

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