10 - The storm

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The sun had started to set on the fifteenth day out at sea. Nora was staring at the waves crashing against the ship. The wind had gotten stronger in the latest hour and dark clouds were quickly making their way towards the Gisela. What had during the day been a beautiful day was now turning into a storm. Nora had never experienced a storm out at sea before. On main deck the crew were running around, securing all the ropes, making sure that the sails would hold if the storm picked up. James was at the rodder, screaming out orders while steering the ship the best he could. Soon the waves were so big that they came crashing down over the deck. Cold water hit Nora where she stood and she screamed because of the chock. Her dress was soaked and her hair stuck to her face, making her shiver as the cold wind blew around her. She could hear James yelling something, but the wind stole his words. Soon however, Belmore grabbed a hold of her waist and started dragging her down below deck.

"Come on, puppet! There's no place for a lady on a ship when there's a storm." Nora wanted to protest, but another crashing wave silenced her. Perhaps it would be good to stay in the cabin. Well down below deck the roaring wind wasn't as loud, but the waves could still be heard. Belmore guided her to James's cabin and opened the door.

"I'm gonna lock the door and slide the key under. You hold on tight to that key and don't let anyone else in but the captain, alright puppet?" Belmore's dark voice boomed and Nora nodded. With a nod, Belmore turned around closed the door. Soon the lock turned and the key shot out from under the door. Nora quickly grabbed it and held it hard in her hand.

"And don't light any candles!" Nora wanted to ask why, but Belmore was already gone since no answer came. Sighing, she sat down on the bed, soaking wet and cold. The cabin was dark without any lit candles, the storm clouds outside had swallowed the last bit of sun. To get warm, Nora got out of her dress and dried her self off before putting on her night gown and crawling under the warm covers of the bed. There she sat for what felt like forever while the storm got worse. Soon the ship was moving so much she thought it would fall over. Waves came from what seemed like every direction, threatening to break the small windows. Nora was terrified. Now and then the ship tilted so much that the things on James's desk moved and fell on the floor. After they fell down for the third time, Nora didn't bother to pick them up. Instead she just sat in bed with her arms wrapped around her legs, the covers surrounding her like a safe barrier, her eyes closed. It was clear that she did not enjoy storms at all. The ocean that she had been so fond of all her life was now treacherous and she desperately wanted to be on land again.

"Guinevere! Open up!" Somebody banged at the door and Nora froze solid. It was hard to hear who it was through the deafening sound of the waves outside. Wrapping the covers around her, she tiptoed to the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's James, now open up, I'm fucking freezing." Nora drew a sigh of relief and pushed the key under the door. Soon the lock turned and in came a soaking wet James. His white shirt was plastered on him like a second skin, the fabric see through because of all the water. His hair was slicked backwards and his face full of droplets. Nora backed away since she didn't want to get wet.

"Is it bad up there?" Nora said, studying James as he started to take off his wet shirt.

"Nah, love. It's just a storm. We took down the sails and now we just have to wait for it to pass. Nothing to worry about." Just as he said that, a big wave caused the ship to tilt more than usual. Nora who wasn't prepared got thrown across the room, landing on her knees next to the wall. James, who was used to storms and whatnots, steadied himself with the door, looking as calm as ever, whilst Nora was on the verge of panic.

"You do not call that bad?" She yelled, fighting tears as she glanced at the small windows, seeing the terrifying waves coming towards the ship, never ending.

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