He Doesn't... Hate You...

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"Dinner? With your dad?" Percy looked wary, his sea green eyes wide with nervousness. He'd taken out his piercing, and Annabeth had tried to somewhat tame his hair. He didn't look as handsome with his hair flat and combed. With a frustrated grunt, Annabeth put her hands in Percy's hair and ruffled it up, making him laugh. The hair gel she'd struggled to use made some of his hair stick up and she sighed, before dropping her head onto his shoulder. Percy put his arms around her waist, holding her close. He'd restrained himself all day, and, Annabeth hated it, but she'd almost missed it when Percy dragged her off to have sex in a secluded room. She was glad, though. He was being very mature, and she was relieved. She loved him even more when he managed to hold himself back from having sex 24/7. "I thought your dad hated me."

"He doesn't... Hate you... He just doesn't know you." She looked up at him, accepting the kiss he brushed against her lips. "That's the point of tonight, so he can kind of get to know you. He's not happy about me already having a boyfriend, but I think it's worth it."

He sighed, resting his forehead on hers. "I love you." He whispered.

"I love you, too, Seaweed Brain."

She rubbed her nose against his playfully, before pulling away from him. He smiled, his eyes trailing over her body. "You look absolutely beautiful tonight." Annabeth blushed. Her hair was held back in a braided crown, her dress was a light blue color, and she was wearing light blue flats to match. It wasn't anything fancy, and it wasn't something Annabeth would usually wear if she were introducing someone to her dad, but she didn't want to get extremely dressed up and have the night end badly. She could already imagine herself crying her eyes out if her dad kicked Percy out before they even got to talking to each other. 

"This isn't even my nicest dress." He shook his head.

"You don't need a nice dress to look beautiful. You could be wearing just one of my sweatshirts, and I would still call you gorgeous." She smiled happily at him. "You don't need an outfit or accessories to look like you do now. Just a smile."

Her cheeks turned pink and she grinned at him. "Stop it, Percy, or my dad's gonna think we did something when we get there."

He put his arm around her waist and held her in a tight embrace, his face against her neck. She expected him to kiss her skin, or leave a small bruise, but he didn't. He pulled away from the hug with a smirk. "I have no idea how I'm not taking you to my room right now." He laughed.

"Because you want my father to approve." She laughed, putting her arms around his neck, kissing his lips softly. His hands rested gently on her hips, where he'd left bruises from the numerous times he'd... Well.... Yeah. It didn't hurt though, surprisingly. "Come on, we're going to be late."

"So, are we in a public place or your apartment?" He asked, his worried tone returning.

"Public restaurant. That way if my dad wants to make a scene, he can't without doing something to his reputation." Percy shook his head at her statement, a smile on his face. 

"Of course you would use that to keep your father from trying to murder me."

She pulled him out the door. "He's not going to murder you." She sighed, scratching her temple. "Just... Rough you up a bit."

He raised an eyebrow at her and she laughed. "Yeah, yeah, I know. You've got a literal six pack." He smirked.

"I know you do. You sure seem to love touching it."

"Don't say that when we're around my dad." Annabeth sighed. "Seriously. Do that, and we'll never be allowed to be together." 

He smiled and put his arm around her shoulders as they left his apartment building, Annabeth leading Percy.

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