A Year later 👪

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Today my baby girl turn one. Over the year marcel and i got married and our relationship is amazing thanks to our relationship with God.  currently in law school and the hotel got very popular so we're opening our second in California so i move back temporarily , I got marcel to cut down on his illegal business not fully but a lil. My parents and Elijah family still trying to cause hell on my family but lately they quiet so I'm guessing there through causing trouble.  Jermaine got manda pregnant and living together and as for jake and lilly they're engage. Will and Mike still hoeing.

Today marcel and I going out to celebrate Namiko birthday.

"Nami baby " I called Namiko from the living room.

"Yea" she said walking in with her face plaster with icing from the chocolate cake I made sighs. This lil girl really got the fridge to open.

"Marcel " I shout and marcel came around the corner licking chocolate off his finger causing me to mug him.

"Really " i said causing both of them to laugh.

"Want some mommy" she said stretching out her fingers with icing.

"No sighs come on you gotta wash up " I said lifting her up onto my side then walk pass marcel hitting him in the back of the head and he slapped my ass.

"Ouch !" I mugged him.

I gave Nami a bath then got her dress up in a white skinny jeans, white Jordans,  white t-shirt with princess Namiko wrote on it and gave her micky mouse ponytail.

"Baby " I called marcel as he came in Nami room dress in all white and t-shirt saying Namiko dad.

"Hold her til I get dress and please don't let her mess herself,  I seriously can't bother right now " I said knowing he'll let her do whatever she wants. He spoil that lil girl and it's not good.

I got dress in white skinny jeans , white Jordan, white t-shirt with Namiko mommy wrote on it and did ma hair into two ponytail. Then add my make -up.
After I finish I went downstairs where Nami and marcel was watching cartoon.

"Ready " I said causing them to turn around and look at me.

"Now I see why you took forever " marcel said lifting Nami and shutting the tv off.

Later that day we were walking in the mall looking for gifts to buy Nami. 

"Mommy mommy I want that " she said for the hundredth time pointing at a dress.

"That's too big Nami" I said as we spot a kids store so we walked inside. Before i could hold onto Namiko she ran off into the store.

"Namiko " marcel called after her as she dissappear.

"Sighs that's what happen when you spoil her she doesn't listen " i snap at marcel.

We split up and kept calling her. I spot her talking to a guy so I rushed over to her.

"Namiko" I shout at her and she jumped pushing out her lips to cry.

"Awww you don't of to shout at her " The guy said causing me to look up at him.

"Jacob" I said surprised

"Isabella " he said smiling

"What you doing in this part of California " I said taking Namiko up on my side.

"Business " he said

" Ohkay hope you well "

" Yeah am straight, this your daughter " he asked smiling at Nami

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