The disaster!

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Knock Knock!

Drac woke up from this sound, opening the lid of his coffin, meeting the eyes of Dennis. "Hello papa Drac!" he said in a cheerful voice. "Dennis, what is it my boy?" "I got something for you" Dennis gave his grandfather the drawing. Drac yawned loud and stretched himself before taking the paper, inspecting the drawing. The count's smile dropped. He didn't like the picture at all, but he would never tell that to his pride and joy. "Eh...this is...beautiful" he lied. "Dad said, I should give you a present as an apology for Tinkles."

Just saying I am sorry would have been better, thought Drac. "You didn't have to do this" "Papa Drac, I have to go. Daddy's friend needs her present too." Drac didn't understand, "What do you mean?" His eyes widened, as Dennis showed him the same drawing of him and me. "Eh, I don't think she will like it" "Why not?" The count was trying his best to find a way to explain it to Dennis...until the little boy gave him the famous 'pouty bat face'.

Poor Vampa!

He couldn't see his grandchild being sad. At the end, he could only let him have his way. Once Dennis had left his room, Drac sat on to his coffin now, staring at the drawing. Drac and I were holding hands, smiling at each other. It wouldn't be that bad, but the little heart in the middle, made Drac uncomfortable.

A while later in my room

Dennis came in, "Hi eh...I got something for you." I took it off him, having the same expression on my face. Lora and Connor however, were thrilled. "Oho, so you are on the next level already?" said Lora, poking my arm. "Hey there little one, would you like to have N/A as a grandmother?"

"CONNOR!" I snapped.

"YEAH, that would be cool...mama N/A!"

"Oh, mama N/A. Please excuse us Dennis. Connor a word...NOW!" I shut the door and got right into Connor's face, "Are you out of your mind?! Me and a vampire? No way!"

Lora rolled her eyes, "We live in the 21st Century N/A, these days you can have a relationship with monsters. And besides, you should give it a try...I mean...he is kind of cute."

"Then why do you date him?!" I snapped at her, turning my back to her.

"He is quite gorgeous for an old vampire, especially when he gave me my underwear. This face...was priceless..." Wait a minute, these words sound familiar. I turned around...and saw Connor...holding my diary.

"Connor you rat, give me back my diary!" because of Connor being so tall, I looked like a kid jumping around, trying to snatch the book off his hand. He made it harder, as he lifted his arm up.

"Aww, is our little girl embarrassed?"

"I am not...I want it back...Lora!" I whined at her. They both started to laugh as I was begging and stomping my feet like a child having a tantrum.

It got worse as Connor gave me an evil smirk, "I wonder how Dracula would think of this."

"Don't you dare!"

"Hehehe...see ya!"


"CONNOR!" I screamed, running after him.

Lora is feeling sorry for me now. She knows Connor, he would give this book to Drac at all cost. She fears that this will turn into a disaster.

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