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"What if we played a game?"

Those were the words that started it all. An innocent question to start an innocent game that so many girls have played before.

The rules were simple; flirt. The more unobtainable your victim, the more points. Varying points were given for different outcomes. For example, any sort of small contact such as a shoulder touch was five points. Too much laughing was three. A cell number was the grand prize with twenty. In all honesty the point system was pretty useless, it's not like any of us ever kept track. The game was more of a way for us to enjoy lame parties and occupy ourselves at family gatherings we'd drag each other to. Whoever successfully gained a number was the person who would choose the next contender as well as the next victim.

We didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. Well, not tragically so. It was inevitable that some girl would become distressed when they discovered their boyfriend was getting a little too close to a leggy blonde at a party she couldn't attend. Or maybe a boy would end up actually falling for one of us and we'd end up crushing his delusional fantasy of a happily ever after.

But what happened... none of us could have even imagined.

It was just harmless flirting.

That's all.


hope you guys are as excited for this as i am.

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